What Are the Best Excuses for Not Doing Homework?

The classic excuse for not doing homework involves a dog and some unfortunate eating habits. Although most teachers won’t believe this story, it has actually happened to a few people over the years.

If you don’t have a dog, or another pet, who can destroy your work in the last seconds before it is due, try turning to one of these excuses for not having your homework ready on time.

1. “I got sick, so I couldn’t get anything done.”

Some teachers might require a medical note or a signed excuse from your parents on this one. If you are in college, it might work once to get out of an assignment.

2. “There was a death in the family.”

This excuse works if you have a critical test or homework assignment that needs more time. It helps to remember not to have the same relative die more than once for it to be successful. You may get asked to bring a bulletin or evidence of a funeral to get the extension.

3. “My computer died.”

If you must complete an assignment on your computer, having the equipment crash is an entirely believable excuse. When everyday issues are the reason why your homework remains incomplete, it’s the best way to get a little more time.

4. “Someone stole my backpack.”

You had your backpack next to you on the bus. All of your homework was ready to turn in. Now it is gone – and you’re even out the lunch money you had for today’s burritos you love. You might need to file a report to get away with this excuse, which means you must measure the value of having more time with the idea of getting caught.

5. “I left the assignment in my parent’s car.”

If your parents drop you off at school each day, telling your teacher that you forgot the homework as you hurried to class could get you a 24-hour extension. It would be unreasonable to ask someone to leave their job to deliver. Some teachers might suggest that you call your mom or dad to stop by on their lunch break.
The best way to approach incomplete homework is to tell the truth. Tell your teacher what happened, show how much you’ve accomplished, and you may get the extra time needed without using an excuse. This is doubly true for adults, where these lies can really come back to bite you. So next time you forgot to read a book for your bookclub, just own up to it.