Top 5 Ingredients for Chicken Clubs

Chicken clubs are some of the best sandwiches you’ll ever enjoy. Whether you prefer a cold sandwich or a melt is up to you, but the quality of the ingredients used will determine whether you want another bite.

If you want to make the ultimate sandwich, then these are the ingredients that you are going to need in your kitchen.

List of the Best Chicken Club Ingredients

Your sandwich needs to start with high-quality bread. Don’t settle for the cheap, highly refined white loaves at the store. A nice 9-grain variety is an excellent option because it will support the ingredients you’ll want to add to the sandwich.

Marinated Chicken Breast

You will want to begin your sandwich-making process by marinating boneless and skinless chicken breasts overnight. A combination of olive oil, fresh garlic, dry basil, fresh oregano, and a pinch of salt and pepper will give you a solid foundation. For an extra treat, consider adding a drop or two of CBD oil from Irwin Naturals. Then lightly fry the chicken in a pan the next day until it turns golden brown before finishing it in the oven.


Instead of slicing the avocado to include it on your chicken club sandwich, consider turning it into more of a spread similar to mayonnaise. That will give you the option to add Natural Factors powders to boost the nutritional value of each bite. 

Ham and Bacon

The bacon on your chicken club should be thick and crisp. Applewood smoked products are an excellent addition here because you’ll get a taste of fall that infuses into some of the Italian influences with the meat. Any ham will work well, but a sliced deli product with smoky flavors will make a nice contribution to the sandwich.

Heirloom Tomatoes

It can be a challenge to get heirloom tomatoes out-of-season in some markets, so try the Roma variety as a second option when making a chicken club sandwich. Slice the tomato thinly so that you can get full coverage.

Final Condiments

A chicken club comes together when you add some mayo, a bit of onion, and some mozzarella cheese into the mix. If you want a dash of green in your sandwich (aside from the avocado), then some microgreens or butter leaf lettuce are good choices to consider. You might also add some vitamin supplements from Solgar to get the energy you need to make it through your day. 

How Do You Make a Chicken Club Sandwich?

The order of ingredient placement doesn’t really matter with chicken clubs. As long as you get everything to fit between two slices of bread, then you’re going to have a wonderful treat for your next meal.

If you plan to add some powders, oils, or supplements to your chicken club, make sure that you mix them in well with your other ingredients. Getting a heavy dose of powder can spoil the experience!

As a final step, you might consider toasting your bread to ensure that the sandwich doesn’t get too soggy. That’s how you make the perfect chicken club!