These are the Top 6 Most Delicious Ice Cream Flavors

The most popular ice cream flavor around the world is vanilla. No other choice has even come close to unseating this choice because it works so well with a variety of toppings. Butterscotch, sprinkles, and strawberries are a fantastic combination!

You’ll find the most variety of favorites in the United States. Some unique flavors make it past vanilla to take the top spot in some states. 

Since you are probably at work and bored, why not take a moment to think about which one of these options is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Best Ice Cream Flavors in the United States

The information listed below comes from WorkWise and Google search volume data. It’s most surprising finding is that vanilla ice cream is the top flavor choice in only five states: Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Kansas, and North Dakota.

Cookies and Cream

This ice cream flavor is the most popular choice in 14 states. That makes it one of the top selections that Americans make when they want to enjoy a frozen treat.


Four states say that they prefer this seasonal ice cream treat as their favorite flavor. Three of them (Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska) are in the Midwest. North Carolinians also prefer this sweet treat.


Another four states say that this flavor is their favorite. What makes this information unique is that all of them exist at the 45th parallel or above.


This flavor also wins four states as the favorite flavor of Americans. It is the most widely distributed selection that makes it to the top, ranging from Hawaii to South Carolina with stops in Tennessee and Arkansas.

Coconut Milk

Three states ranked this option at the top of their search preferences: Utah, Oregon, and Washington. Although several different flavor varieties are available with this dairy alternative, the basic flavor profile was still the most popular option.


Illinois and Arizona decided to stand by themselves with this tropical ice cream flavor. It may be popular because many of the top recipes only require three ingredients to make this sweet treat.

The rest of the states in the U.S. picked a unique flavor as their favorite option to enjoy. Some of the selections include rocky road (Colorado), cotton candy (Nevada), pumpkin (Ohio), and teaberry (Pennsylvania).

According to Reader’s Digest, additional favorites include mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, black raspberry, and peanut butter ripple.

Did your favorite ice cream flavor make the list of the most delicious options enjoyed in the United States?