The 4 Most Festive Essential Oil Aromas

Although essential oils are an attractive health investment to use all year long, the holidays bring out some of the most festive arrangements.

You can enhance your joy, snuggle up nice and warm with the family, or relax after a stressful day of managing whatever else 2020 decided to throw your way.

Having supplies available from top brands like Aubrey Organics and NOW Foods ensures that you can embrace a celebratory spirit whenever the mood strikes! Here are the essential oils that will help bring out the joy that comes with the holidays.

Best Essential Oils for Christmas


One of the best scents of the season is a fresh Christmas tree at home. Bringing in the aroma of pine, spruce, or fir trees provides the traditional evergreen experience that speaks of togetherness. When using pine essential oils, you can stimulate your metabolism, reduce stress, and even knock the edge off of some chronic pain.


Many families still celebrate the tradition of placing oranges in stockings on Christmas Eve. This fruit became the symbol of the gold sacks that St. Nicholas dropped to pay for a poor man’s daughter’s dowry. These fruits are commonplace today, but it was a great luxury to afford one over a century ago. Using orange essential oils can boost your mood, reduce stress, and lower your blood pressure.


This essential oil is useful for treating several health concerns, ranging from immune system deficits to anxiety attacks. It has long been associated with religious ceremonies, going as far back as Ancient Egypt to celebrate spiritual matters.


What is unique about this essential oil is that it may help normalize a person’s lipid profile. It could reduce the influence of hunger hormones that cause some people to overeat, especially during the holidays. The fruity, spicy aroma speaks of the season, filling your home with love and joy.

What are your favorite essential oils to use during the holidays?