The 3 Lucky Colors You Should Know in 2020

The precepts of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology offer a set of lucky colors for each year. These tones coincide with whatever year is on the Zodiac calendar to promote a specific set of circumstances that encourage good luck.

Since 2020 is the Year of the Rate, the lucky colors to strengthen your opportunities for the year are white, blue, and gold.

Each color has a specific association to it worth taking into consideration as you work to carve out a better life every day.

Use These Colors at Home in 2020

Although white, blue, and gold are the primary colors to use for good luck during the Year of the Rat, several complimentary colors can strengthen your footing in this area. 

Using red, yellow, and green can help you to fill the energy gaps that exist between the primary colors for the year. You can also use the specific tones that are part of your particular Zodiac sign to encourage more opportunities to come your way.

What Does White Represent?

Depending on its context, white can represent purity, innocence, or passing on to the next life. It’s the most common hue for consumer goods in the country because it creates opportunities for renewal. 

What Does Blue Represent?

Blue is the representation of water. It is an intrinsic element of the Rat because it is a symbol of human relationships. The reflection that the surface provides can lead to more significant insights, intuition, influence, and the exposure of secrets. 

What Does Gold Represent?

Gold represents riches and wealth. You would use this hue to promote good luck and prosperity in your life throughout the year. Consider adding it to your kitchen décor as a way to include everyone in the family.

Why Colors Are Important Each Year

China uses a powerful scale of color symbolism that isn’t found in the Western world. The Five Elements Theory plays an integral role in the customs and beliefs of the country.

When you coordinate the specific colors for the year with the other options that are available as complementary features, then you can surround yourself with good luck.

Another way to promote better luck in life is to take care of your essential needs. When you take care of your health using items from brands like Allergy Research Group, Metagenics, and Standard Process, then your lucky color for 2020 can have more power.