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Top 5 Movies Around Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is perhaps the greatest travel day in America, and this is for a good reason. People travel by the thousands to their birth families and friends to share meals, remember some old stories, or maybe a movie. This long tradition deserves a slapstick comedy and heartwarming drama to make it more enjoyable when we gather together. 

Once your lovely family is done enjoying stuffing and turkey, a wonderful sense of gratitude can be awakened by a hilarious, wacky holiday celebration thanksgiving movie like Addams Family Values or A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movies that make you feel good. 

At the close of the day, you will realize that there is much more to the holiday than all of the amazing comfort food that you eat, but times like this are opportunities to spend quality time with those that matter to you. Here are the top 5 iconic movies around Thanksgiving that will make you feel thankful for your family.

Beethoven (1992)

Although this cult classic family thanksgiving movie did not exclusively occur during Thanksgiving, it did wind up becoming popular. Could this be because of the eponymous Saint Bernard, who, like most people, love to stuff himself with delicious food? Because of the uncommon bonds of family? Who knows? Nevertheless, regardless of what the reason may be, it is clear that they got something right as the movies have spawned seven sequels and a video game.

Addams Family Values (1993)

Can anyone ever forget Addams’ iconic violent deconstruction of the Thanksgiving drama taken place during a posh camp pageant? Christina Ricci’s delightfully morbid attitude takes the air out of the fictitious stories about holiday and almost beguiled Peter MacNicol and Christine Baranski, who were the camp counselors. At the same time, Joan Cusack made one of the best performances ever recorded on the screen. This movie is an all-round winner.

The House of Yes (1997)

This strange classic portrayed Parker Posey as an indie film star. She acted as Jackie O’s twin, who was having trouble making up with her brother’s fiancée over a ridiculous Thanksgiving.

Pieces of April (2003)

Katie Holmes is excellent in this low budget gem about a family’s black sheep relative trying to make Thanksgiving dinner for her annoying sister. Oliver Platt and Patricia Clarkson are exceptional as April’s loving parents, and dear Alison Pill takes every scene as her younger siblings.

The Scent of a Woman (1992)

Here we see a prep school student by the name Chris O’Donnell who agreed to hang out with the blind Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade during Thanksgiving break to make money for his home trip at Christmas.

If you are looking for something to do before or after Thanksgiving dinner, these movies would be great for bringing the family together while laughing and having fun.