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Inviting Non-Denominational Holiday Decorations for the Home

When the holidays come around each year, many families decorate with their faith at the center of the process. There’s nothing wrong with a focus on religion, culture, or the solstice. When it’s your home, you call the shots!

Blended families may have a different experience. The parents may have diverse beliefs, leading to a duality in the decorating.

Others prefer a more secular approach, featuring Santa, Rudolph, and cornucopias.

If you want to make a non-denominational impression in your decorating this year, these items are an attractive way to celebrate the holidays.

1. Use Sparklers

Although you wouldn’t want to light them inside, sparklers are a fun way to celebrate any occasion. When all the presents are opened or bellies are full, consider handing some out for some fun. You can use fireworks displays outside to continue the theme.

2. Welcome Bags

Offering gifts during the holidays is a non-denominational approach. Instead of providing favors, couples are offering welcome bags instead. It could be a bottle of wine, a charitable donation, or some baked goods. If you’re having family stay over for a few days, it may be helpful to provide toiletries and some daily living essentials.

3. Lights

You can decorate your home with plenty of colorful lights to ring in the holiday spirit. You can use white strings to create a fun social outdoor area, use smart bulbs for unique experiences, or stick with something classic.

4. Wreaths

A winter wreath is a family tradition that goes beyond all holidays. You can bring greenery, garlands, and other natural elements to your celebration without ever mentioning religion. Add a few berries, flowers, or evergreens to create some lovely plumage.

5. Champagne Tower

A champagne tower is a decoration that doubles as a coping mechanism to manage the same stories you hear each year. Your guests will love the concept!

Decorations don’t need to be denominational to make a positive impact. With these ideas, you can turn your house into an inviting home.