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5 Best Little Women Film and TV Adaptations

Some stories are so good that you can watch them numerous times without feeling bored. Hollywood has noticed this trend. One of the most popular tales to tell is Little Women from Louisa May Alcott.

This story is a coming-of-age classic that follows four sisters growing up during the Civil War years in the United States. You get to see their struggles with societal pressure, poverty, and love.

Even though it is over 150 years old, some of the best Little Women film and TV adaptations make it feel like a new story.

List of the Best Adaptations of Little Women

1. Little Women (2019)

The latest adaptation is the best. It uses an unconventional storytelling structure that stays accurate to the original tale. The characters are modernized in this movie, with Amy March moving from being vain to an emotionally intelligent woman.

2. Little Women (1994)

Gillian Armstrong created this version that still holds up because of its combination of nostalgia and progressiveness. Some feminist and abolitionist undertones push their way to the forefront of the movie, removing the subtlety that Alcott used to infuse them in the original story. It’s also the most accurate retelling to view.

3. Little Women (1933)

This film from George Cukor came during the Great Depression. You can see some of that anxiety written into the script. You can seem more aspects of conservation and social reform in this black-and-white classic, and Katherine Hepburn is the perfect Jo March.

4. Little Women (2018)

This adaptation came from Pure Flix Entertainment, which is responsible for Christian-themed movies like God’s Not Dead. That means you’ll see more religious overtones in this version, and there are higher levels of sentimentality present. The transition to modern-day dilemmas is handled well in this script, although it doesn’t always stick to the original.

5. Little Women (1949)

Although the acting is stiff and stilted in this adaptation, the budget for the movie at the time was incredible. The sets are quite lavish for the era, and it was even filmed in Technicolor. It’s almost a shot-for-shot remake of the 1933 version, although there are a few deviations from it and the original story.

Little Women has also seen its fair share of miniseries adaptations, including a fantastic three-part series that aired on BBC in 2017. It has also been part of two anime series in Japan, made into an audio drama, and even an opera. 
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