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5 Top Holiday Folklore Tales

The origin of Christmas has several perspectives ranging from the religious view to the historical and secular viewpoint. The religious perspectives express the birth of Jesus; the historical view explains how Christmas overcame the Pagan holiday while the secular view integrated special characters like Santa Claus, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, elf, and Frosty the Snowman. Well, in all of these, Christmas still brings a feeling of excitement and joy of celebration regardless of their location. So in the spirit of the Christmas holiday, here are 5 top holiday folklore tales you should know:

Krampus, the Anti-Santa Claus

Krampus tale originated in the 1600s and displayed Krampus as Santa Claus’s partner whose specific job was to punish children who had been naughty. There are no exact stories on why Krampus got into the picture, but Santa Claus is considered to work with good kids. Hence Krampus and the other companions were to handle the naughty kids by going to their houses, putting them into a sack, and taking them to the other underworld. Perhaps he is even lurking in the shadows at white elephant gift exchanges!

Pancha Ganapati, the Hindu Version of Christmas Alternative 

Pancha Ganapati was formulated in 1985 as a Hindu alternative to the Christmas celebration. The Pancha Ganapati festival usually starts on Dec 21st and runs for five days in which each day is specifically dedicated to the Ganesha god. Ganesha is considered a god who eliminates negative barriers and makes life easier. Some tales perceive Ganesha as the son of god Shiva, while others assume he’s Malini (the goddess with elephant head) son. 

Olentzero, the Basque Santa Claus

The story of Olentzero the Basque Santa Claus usually varies. The most popular tale perceived Olentzero as one of the Jentillak people who were giants by nature. One day, an old man saw a cloud appear in the sky and interpreted it that Jesus would soon be born; hence he asked the giants to be thrown off a mountain. The giants agreed to jump except Olentzero, who survived, became a Christian and a happy giver of presents to children.

Chana and Her Seven Sons

The Jews in Yemen dedicate the 7th night of Hannukah to celebrate women. The story behind this ritual relates to Chana and her seven sons, who refused to give up their faith. Her sons were martyred one after the other, and she was still dedicated to her faith. When she died, she was celebrated for her remarkable courage.

Jólakötturinn, the Giant Fearsome Yule Cat

This tale centers around a giant feline known as Jólakötturinn. During Christmas Eve, Jólakötturinn is seen roaming the snowy parts of the country and devouring anyone who didn’t wear new clothes during the holiday. The exact origin of the story isn’t known, but the story has encouraged giving to loved ones and less privileged ones during the Christmas season. 

Folklore tales are as old as time, but they still influence the present day. Some tell them as means of entertainment and others to teach lessons. Regardless, folklores tales are a part of us so let’s embrace them.

5 Top Treats That Santa Claus Will Truly Love

Santa desserts can come in handy anytime, whether it’s at a holiday dinner party, at work, or for your kids.  These Santa-themed treats mimic different parts of Santa to promote the spirit of the holidays. The desserts are easy to make, and you can even have your kids join you in making them for more fun. Hence, as the holiday draws nearer, you’d want to try out our holiday recipes and give Santa a treat he’ll love.

Chimney with Santa Hat 

You could create a chimney-shaped cake, add some fake bricks, stroke it with delicious icing, and top it with a strawberry to serve as Santa’s hat to give it that Santa-themed look. Your family and friends wouldn’t mind enjoying this Santa-spirited creative dessert.

Santa Cake 

In the spirit of the holiday, you could try baking a chocolate cake with Santa-themed icing. Your kids would definitely have fun designing the cake to Santa’s taste, and your dinner guests would appreciate having a slice of Santa Cake for the evening. 

Santa Cookies 

Yeah! You can’t go wrong with a cookie for Santa.  Whether as a holiday treat, dinner treat, thanksgiving treat, or a treat for your workers, cookies can serve as a lovely treat for your loved ones. So in the spirit of Christmas, get a Santa Head cookie cutter and allow your kids to get busy as they decorate the cookies for you.

Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites 

If you have a large family or you’re hosting guests, cheesecakes are perfect options to give your loved ones as a treat. Small-sized cheesecakes are easy to share, so you wouldn’t have to sweat it out while trying to share a dessert for many people. Add a touch of Santa theme to the cheesecake by adding a strawberry-made Santa Hat. Your guests won’t be able to resist this fresh-looking cheesecake bite.

Santa Hat Pancakes 

Contrary to popular opinion, pancakes are not meant to be eaten only in the mornings. You can actually have pancake after dinner. To be in line with the holiday mood, you can make a pancake, top it with a strawberry Santa hat and share it with your loved ones.

It’s not too late to have your name on Santa’s nice list. We’ve created some recipes for Santa, and we are quite certain that Santa would love these treats specially made for him.  With these Santa’s treats, your name won’t be on Santa’s Naughty List, so get started already and have a happy holiday. On another note, Santa might even appreciate you leaving him some products from Terry Naturally or Neurobiologix.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It’s never out of practice for any individual to receive a stocking full of gifts and other goodies. It’s an affordable way of ensuring that everyone within your family circle gets into the spirit of the season: love and giving. The challenge is getting the best ideas that will benefit you without breaking the bank for it. 

Getting affordable and valuable products can be very challenging, especially when you have a budget in hand. Therefore, we will be looking at the best stocking stuffer ideas that can spice up the season for you and your family. 

For Charger: Anker Powercore + Mini

A portable charger is one of the cutest gifts you can give anyone around you, especially those who always seem to be on the move. The product is quality, and the price is pleasingly affordable. It will make an excellent addition for a sticking suffer. 

Lightning Cable

One can never get tired of having enough cables to charge his phone or occasionally play sound from their mobile phone. You can always have some in your car just in case. The product is cheap and is of great value to any user. 

Fuzzy Socks for Cold Feet

The winter weather characterizes the Christmas season, and it’s only normal that getting socks is a priority. This is why you should go for these affordable fuzzy socks. They are designed with the perfect holiday theme for anyone. 

Popsocket for Phone Droppers

You can get Popsocket for that family member or friend that is notorious for constantly dropping their phones. This is a very thoughtful gift to give to anyone during the holidays. The unique thing is that you can get as many as possible to reach many people. 

Skyrocket Blume Doll for Kids 

Kids love surprises even more than adults, and there’s no better surprise gift than the Skyrocket Blume doll. This is the trending doll on amazon with lots of positive reviews and a near 5-star rating. It’s cheap, and you can get some for your kids. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas. There are many more stocking stuffer ideas out there, but you can look at those we listed and make wonderful picks for a memorable season.

Once Christmas is over, it’s not too early to start thinking about Easter gifts