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Best Subscription Boxes to Gift to a Friend

It’s a fun experience every month, when we go to the mailbox to retrieve our monthly subscription box, not knowing what to expect this month.

The truth is that there are a lot of subscription boxes that are distributed each month to subscribed fans all over the world, be it wine boxes or a box full of games or movies, it’s safe to say that these clubs really know how to keep their fans hooked.

It has been said that the best subscription boxes are the ones that are subscribed to monthly. This is because it gives subscription box lovers enough time to enjoy the box they are already with for a while month.

It also gives enough time for those clubs to upgrade the boxes to be ready to wow again in the next coming month. It has also been seen that these subscription boxes can be a great gift to a friend most especially during times of festivity.

You may be wondering what subscription box will be great enough to gift to a friend, most especially if it’s a close friend who you want to impress.

Remember that each subscription boxes vary depending on the club you are subscribed to. So you will need to know what your friend likes, and which clubs offer those artifacts in their subscription. Remember also that the quality of the gift matters, so make sure you are subscribed to the right club.

But even if you do not still know what subscription box will be best, this article will list out a few.

Best subscription boxes to gift a friend.

Glossy Box – Beauty Subscription

Do you have a friend that is a fan of beauty care products, or do you have a girlfriend that will die to get her hands on beauty products? Then this subscription box from Glossy Box is just the gift for that friend.

This subscription box comes with 5 handpicked beauty products consisting of a makeup kit, skincare, fragrance, and haircare. Plus all these products are from quality international brands.

This box will give any beauty care enthusiast something great and exciting throughout the month.

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate – Baking Subscription Box

This Fresh Baked Cookie Crate subscription box can be a great gift to your husband on any friend who is a fan of baking and cookie. Unboxing this set alone would leave your friend with a pleasant smile on his face.

The box comes with a full crate of cookies, but also has great additional features like clothing, collectibles, pins, scented candles, and more.

This box gives double the surprise, with over 50 dollars worth of cookie-themed gifts. So I highly recommend this subscription box.

Cloth and Paper – Stationery Box

Do you have a friend who is a fan of office life, and loves new and original stationary equipment them this is a good box to gift him with?

This subscription box from Cloth and Paper offers an array of fancy pens, stationaries, and planning supplies that will be suitable for any office setting.

It also comes with an office decoration manual to help keep your workspace smart, and in order. So this can also be a good set to gift a friend.

Night In Boxes

This set can be a gift for both you and your loved one. This is because this subscription box brings a solution to your date night issues.

Enjoy an experience with a loved one from the comfort of your home, with night adventures with a night in box subscription.

This box will give both you and your mate an unforgettable date night experience all In the comfort of your home

Vinyl Club Subscription Box

Is your friend a fan of records? If yes then this is just the gift to give him. A vinyl subscription box gives a whole month of exclusive, limited edition records.

No robots or bloggers, with Vinyl club it’s just your artist sharing the music that they love. Record owners and subscribers also get the chance to receive a personal note from their favorite artist-curator, with special art print ad access to the members portal to manage their membership.

They will also have the ability to discover and add to their boxes new records of each month with artist features. So if your friend is a fan of music and records then this is the perfect gift for him.

Back to Work Gift Ideas for Everyone After Quarantine

As governments reduce restrictions on non-essential workers, the security of a paycheck can make life feel like it is closer to normal once again.

It is also a time when you can connect with people who you haven’t seen outside of a Zoom meeting for the last 8-12 weeks. Having a welcome back gift for that first time you get to come together can re-establish your relationship.

Here are some ideas to consider for your co-workers.

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

Any job can get stressful. Changing from a home-based routine of deciding what show to binge on Netflix to full-time employment is a difficult transition to navigate. Having a product that can provide relief to the painful shoulders and neck muscles is a gift that will be welcomed with great appeal.

Bluetooth Speaker

If you all start sitting at desks in the office again, then having some music to play can break up the new monotony. A Bluetooth speaker that connects to your co-worker’s mobile device can help everyone enjoy a post-quarantine playlist.

Popcorn Gift Basket

Gourmet popcorn is an under-appreciated luxury item. When you can enjoy a snack with caramel, chocolate, or another favorite flavor, then the world feels like it became a little better at that moment. It also means you can stop by for a chat to snag some of the snacks that you offered as a gift!

Bombas Compression Socks

When you purchase socks from this company, then the transaction triggers the donation of another pair to the homeless community. If you sit at a desk for long hours each day, then this gift can provide more energy by reducing swelling in the feet, ankles, and knees.

Coffee Tumbler

Having an insulated steel tumbler can help everyone bring coffee from home instead of risking a coronavirus infection in the break room. Most brands offer products in a variety of colors and sizes so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

USB Desk Fan

The warm days of summer after quarantine can hit the office – even if air conditioning is present. Having a desk fan can make it a lot easier to stay comfortable.

It doesn’t take much to show your co-workers how much you appreciate them. These gift ideas can help you to welcome them back after the long weeks of quarantine, ensuring a smile and plenty of appreciation!