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Most Jacked NFL Players

In this article, we have mentioned the most jacked NFL players that you will come across right now. This list has been created considering several aspects such as vascularity, muscular size, proportionality, leanness, and aesthetics. So, let us not waste time and go through the list mentioned below.

1. Adrian Peterson

This flamboyant running back is known for his natural talent and hard-working abilities. He prefers running outside instead of riding a bike or using a treadmill. While exercising, Peterson prefers to work all the muscles in his legs as much as possible. Moreover, he likewise consumes only baked stuff which helps him to maintain his physique.

2. Reggie Bush

Bush is known to stick to a regimen that happens to be extremely strenuous and pushes a person beyond his limits. Being a well-known running back, this prodigious NFL player focuses on Fre Flo Do, a routine introduced by Kappel LeRoy Clarke. Bush is known to work on a Launchpad which is similar to a rotating treadmill moving at different speeds. This routine helps the player to learn how to prevent injuries and improve strength plus comprehend and control his body as well. 

3. Brian Dawkins

Although this NFL player is feared by most of his rivals, everybody would like to keep him in their squad. Dawkins has the reputation of being the most hard-working player in the NFL right now. Standing at a height of 6’ and weighing 210 pounds, he was supposed to be a player who was somewhat underweight. Nevertheless, he trains so hard that he is able to deliver more power and thrust than most of the heavier players out there. He keeps his training strategies a secret to all of us right now.