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6 Best Foods to Eat After a Colon Cleanse

After a night of drinking or after certain medical procedures, particular attention needs to be given to what you eat. For instance, what should a person eat after a colon cleanse?

The colon, also known as the large intestine, is a very important part of the intestine that needs to be scanned from time to time, especially in adults. A colon cleanse is a procedure that enables one to purge all the contents of his colon to ensure proper digestion of food from time to time. 

Furthermore, a colon cleanse also ensures no issues in the large intestine or any other issue that will derail digestion. Once a colon cleanse is done, the digestive system should start revert to normal again. Let’s look at foods you can eat when that happens. 


People usually don’t have a bowel movement for a few days after a colon cleanse. Therefore, the next best thing to do is to rehydrate. This clears the pathway for food to pass whenever they’re ready to start eating food. You can never go wrong with the water. 

Drinks with Electrolytes 

When dehydrated, the body will need electrolytes to recover. These electrolytes can only be gotten by taking drinks that contain them. This refreshes the body and will not disturb the body for a few days till bowel movement is restored. 

Vegetable or Fruit Juice 

There are varieties of fruit drinks and vegetables that you can choose from. The juices contain vitamins that can help blood flow, while the vegetable will add extra nutrients that the body needs.

Herbal Tea 

Herbal tea contains important ingredients that soothe the body. This should work for the digestive tract as well. It will also give your body enough time to recover from the colon cleansing process. 


Popsicles come with sugar and liquid that can refresh the body, especially after a colon cleansing process. This will bring back the energy levels of the body in no time. 


Crackers are very easy foods to digest, even more than some liquid foods. They are most doctors’ choices for food one can take after a colon cleanse. 

Colon cleansing is not a hard process, but it is vital to note that you will require patience before the intestines can get to an optimal level. Therefore, you should take the right food till then. Using Priority One products should also help.