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Greatest 5 Art Styles

We have different tastes for things; the same is also applicable for artworks. When visiting an art gallery, we know the pieces that fascinate us. These are the artworks that we fix our gazes on. We may not like them, but they get us thinking and capture our attention. In short, they have value. Unless you are an art professional, it is understandable if you don’t know the nitty-gritty of art. This post aims to help you know the art styles that will always be popular.


The abstract doesn’t showcase real things – not a place, a person, or a thing. Artists illustrate abstract by painting shapes, colors or even a seemingly random splash. In simple terms, abstract art is an art that doesn’t have any source in the external world.


Modern art covering the works from around 1860 to 1970 strayed from conventional styles and techniques. Modern art depicts a period in time and is characterized by the artist’s intention to showcase a subject based on his or her perception.


Impressionist was invented in Paris in the early 1860s before adapted by other locations in the U.S and Europe. Also, Impressionist showcases a story without depending on realistic depictions and uses brushwork and light to illustrate the main point.

Pop Art

Pop art is great for a man’s cave, a woman’s retreat, or a teenager’s room. The cool thing is that it tells a story that transcends generations. Pop art uses the imagery of mass media and popular cultures, such as comic books, movie stars, advertising, and news.


Cubism comprises three main highlights – passage, simultaneity, and geometricity. Artists often like to illustrate the fourth dimension – a quest for understanding or meaning depicting the world in another form. If you have been wondering why cubism features numerous colors, it is due to the quest for the fourth dimension.

Perhaps this post has enhanced your art knowledge or serves as a booster on your journey to finding the best piece of art for your office or home. Either way, the post will enable you to explore more opportunities.