Popular Anime Characters

The fabulous visuals produced by anime have been the main reason for their popularity over the years. In case you happen to be an avid watcher of anime, then you must have felt that some anime characters happen to be more well-known than others. Here, we have mentioned a list of the most popular anime characters you will ever come across.

1.  Kei Shiroe

Also referred to as the “Villain in the Glasses”, this character happens to be the founder of Log Horizon. In fact, he is the leading character right there. In spite of being a bit socially awkward, Kei Shiroe is nevertheless an engineering student. He is a lovable character who is known to heal his associates by casting support spells.

2. Yato

The real name of this anime character is Yaboku. In spite of being a war-God, he has the intention of creating his personal temple. He is suffering from a condition known as athazagoraphobia and he always puts on a scarf and a tracksuit. He has the propensity of writing his phone numbers in public places so that anybody can contact him for assistance.

3. Ken Kaneki

In this anime known as the “Tokyo Ghoul”, this well-known character takes the side of the humans so as to provide them with protection from the ghouls. He undergoes several modifications throughout the series that were not the happiest part in general. He wants to kill the ghouls, his own kind, for saving the humans. The manner in which this character has been handled by the anime really deserves praise.