Lawn Equipment That You Need But You Don’t Have

In other, for you to have a healthy lawn, you would need to take good care of it using the proper equipment throughout the year. Am healthy lawn requires regular attention and it reacts well with proper maintenance. Take, for example, watering your brown grass during the winter would give your grass its green color again. It is known that in other for grass to grow well, you would need to aerate the soil and provide proper drainage. 

Types of equipment that your lawn might need 


The woodchipper can be used to compost larger sizes of woods and make them smaller wood chips, which you can later use for decoration in your yard, especially a play area for your children.


You’re your home is filled with grasses then a lawnmower is a right equipment for you because this equipment keeps the growth of the grass under control. If you do not have this equipment, you would find it difficult to maintain your grass. Homes with a very large yard would need to use a riding lawnmower to cover more grounds, while homes with a small yard can use a simple walk-behind lawnmower. 

String Trimmer

If you have grasses growing in places that your normal cutting tools can’t reach, then the use of the string trimmer would be of great benefit. Although lawnmowers can be used, they can’t be compared to cutting grasses in steep places. This equipment comprises a very thin body that requires a motor-attached string instead of using a motor-attached blade. 


Whenever you want your yard edges to be trimmed and perfect, then the edger is the best tool for the job. Although it is very similar to a string trimmer, the edger has a vertical blade that is used to create edges around your yard. 


This tool can cut down dead branches in your yard. There different types of prunes that you can buy which come with their pros and cons. In other to get the right tool for the job you would need to consider the job you are doing and the budget you are working with. 


Leaf blowers are a very versatile tool that is used in cleaning up the lawn and keeping it tidy. Rather than following the old method of taking, during the fall, it can make your work very easy.


The use of a sprayer is not only to spread fertilizer all over your lawn or garden but to also apply the right proportion. Using the sprayer would give you full control over the quantity of a product and also the amount of product to apply. There are 3 different types of sprayers depending on the job you want. The hose-end sprayer is not very expensive and it very easy to use, all you need to do is to attach it to the end of the hose, so when water passes through it also pick the product alongside and apply it to certain areas. Tank sprayers are the most popular that require the user to build pressure by pumping the handle and the product passes through a long tube for distribution. 


Over the years it would become impossible for air and water to enter the surface of your yard because your yard is too compressed. That is why an aerator is important to prevent soil compaction. Most owners prefer to use a handheld aerator compared to motorized aerators since they won’t always use it, because motorized aerators are very expensive.