Greatest Cold Weather Accessories to Stay Warm Through Bitter Winters

Surviving winter’s chill can be challenging. When less sunlight and cold weather combine forces, it can be powerful enough to trigger conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder.

When the outside turns bitter cold, you know that a warm coat, gloves, a hat, and thermal underwear are essential items. What you’ll want are these accessories to make life more bearable before, during, or after your time outdoors.

List of the Best Items to Have for a Cold Winter

1. Throat Coat Tea

This product takes the scratchiness away that winter’s cold and low humidity causes. The herbal infusion works with the hot water to keep everything open while offering some relief to those with a sore throat.

2. Ice Scraper Glove

Using a glove with an ice scraper is helpful, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll avoid having the cold stuff go down your arm. This product lets you stick your hand inside of a mitten while working, reducing how much snow exposure you receive.

3. Tire Traction

Driving in the snow can be challenging. If you have an ice layer to manage, a device that encourages vehicular traction can get you moving to your warm home again.

4. Foot Warmer

Slippers are helpful when your feet are always feeling cold. When you can wear wool socks with them and still feel uncomfortable, an electronic foot warmer can add more comfort to your day. Some models provide massage to help you relax after a long day.

5. Car Seat Heater

Newer cars come with this feature as part of the standard package. If you have an older car or had to pay for an upgrade you decided against, a portable model that straps to your chair can provide warm relief. When it isn’t needed, pack it away in your closet!

6. Fleece Throw Blanket

Buy this cold weather accessory for practical reasons instead of decorative ones. You’ll love the soft warmth that comes from modern microfiber. You’ll relax in almost any conditions, especially with a good book in your hands.

The best cold weather accessories can warm you up quickly. What are the go-to items that you love?