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5 Road Trip Clothing Options for Hitting the Pavement

Taking a road trip with family members or friends can be a memorable experience. You grab some snacks, energy drinks, and your favorite supplements while singing along to power ballads on the radio.

Sometimes the journey you take to reach a destination is the most memorable part of a road trip.

Have you ever thought about the clothing you wear while traveling? If you don’t wear the right items during your road trip, pick the right colors, the best fabric, then the journey can become quite uncomfortable!

These are the essential road trip clothing options you’ll need if you plan to hit the road this spring.

Best Clothes to Take on a Road Trip

1. Sneakers

Having a comfortable pair of shoes is essential for your road trip. Spring can provide some cold days, especially if you travel during the early morning hours. This necessary option can keep your toes warm while protecting your feet for those moments when you stretch your legs at a rest area.

2. Wrinkle-Resistant Shirts

When you spend all day in a car, then your clothing gets wrinkled and ragged. When you wear a wrinkle-resistant shirt, then you won’t need to show off how you feel through fashion. Keep things casual by using polyester or wool. Drawstring pants, a sundress, or leggings are all comfortable choices to consider.

3. A Front-Zip Sweater

Dressing in layers is essential for your road trip clothing in the spring. As the day warms up during your travels, you can shed the extra items to remain comfortable. Having a sweater or hoodie that zips in the front will make the clothing easier to take off without needing to pull over.

4. Dark Clothing

Spills are going to happen during a road trip. You might need to hit the brakes hard to avoid a collision, fumble a snack, or have a beverage come out of its holder on a sharp curve. If you wear dark clothing while traveling, then the stains are less likely to show when you step out of the car. 

5. Cargo Pants

Having extra pockets is an essential feature for the modern road trip. You can carry almost everything in cargo pants so that your hands stay free. It also helps to keep your wallet out of your back pocket when driving a long distance. The materials are less prone to wrinkling, and it tends to be breathable when compared to denim jeans.

Dressing for success on a road trip during the spring also depends on your destination. Always pack warm and cold weather clothes to ensure that you’ve got all of your essentials covered!

Top 5 Styles for Wedding After-Party Dresses

The day you get married is one of the best days of your life. Even if the relationship fizzles, this moment is one that will remain in your memory forever. Once you have selected the perfect wedding gown, you’ll want to review your after-party dress options so that you can dance the night away. 

Don’t forget to bring a tasty dessert to the wedding, either.

Several styles are popular right now from today’s best fashion brands, so these are the wedding after-party dresses you’ll want to review to ensure your after-party is just as memorable as your wedding ceremony.

Style #1: Rose Gold

Rose gold dresses are making a big splash in the after-party scene, offering a variety of different looks to fit each body shape and personality. You can so with a sheer look if you prefer, something more traditional with straps and frills, or something with glitter and sequins. You’ll find options that go to your ankle or stop at your thigh in this category.

Style #2: The Pantsuit

Don’t be afraid to drop that big train in the back for a bodysuit when it is time for the after-party. You’ll find that this option tends to be a lot cheaper, even from luxury brands, and being in some trousers and a corset feels good after the wedding ceremony. You can opt for a look that hugs the legs close like jogging pants or pursue something closer to bell-bottoms with this style option.

Style #3: Flirty Skirts

If you want to start and end your evening in something that feels light and free-flowing, then a flirty skirt is going to be the style you prefer. You’ll find a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles available in this category. The one thing that each dress has in common here is that they are all floor-length, but you’ll ensure that there’s a decrease in the formality of your celebration once you change into a choice from this category.

Style #4: Go for the Gold Standard

Who says that you need to stay in white the entire night when you get married? If a rose gold dress doesn’t speak to you, then get rid of anything ivory by going with patina-containing shades. You’ll get to manage an effortless look that feels incredibly luxurious while saving a little cash along the way. Make sure that you invest in a pair of comfortable shoes that match this dress so you can enjoy your after-party time.

Style #5: Break All of the Rules

It’s your wedding day. If you decide that formality is not what you want, then go casual with your after-party dress. There are no rules to follow when you choose this style, but there are some trends to consider. Floral prints are popular now, and they still will be when 2020 comes to a close. Pick your favorite color, then choose a flower, and you’ve got a recipe for a dress that you can wear more than once.

What style speaks the most to you for your upcoming after party?