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Is Red Foot Wine the Best? Try These 4 Alternatives Instead

Red foot wine provides a colorful twist on traditional flavors. If you pursue something like a red Moscato, then you’ll enjoy the sweetness of this dessert option with hints of raspberries and red cherries. It’s the perfect solution for pairing with soft cheeses, fresh fruit, or any dish with spiciness.

Is red foot wine the best? Preferences are always subjective, so there might be a better bottle out there for you. 

List of the Best Red Wines to Try

Red wine provides a delightful experience when you can find a bottle you enjoy. This beverage may lower your risk of heart disease, retain HDL cholesterol, and offer several other health benefits. 

Why not give these four alternatives a try before making a final decision on your favorite red wine?

La Posta Pizzella Malbec

You’ll find that this red wine gives you a dark, inky kind of glass that is absolutely delicious. It’s a single-grower bottle that comes from one vineyard, so you don’t need to worry about different grape varieties spoiling the mix. It’s crafted in Mendoza, Argentina, and the berry flavors that you get are dense and intoxicating. Your taste buds are going to perform a happy dance with each sip!

Gerard Bertrand Minervois

This bottle provides you with a blend of Carignan and Syrah from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. These wines are the type that make headlines around the world, but you will find a nice glass of red waiting for you without a massive price. It is the choice to make if you want multiple dimensions of flavor without heavy tannins so that it goes down smooth. It’s a gem that will make you want to visit Minervois.

Chronic Cellars Purple Paradise

You might want to purchase this red foot wine alternative for the label on the bottle. It makes a robust product that takes your opinion of a zinfandel-based blend with Sirah and grenache to an entirely different level. The wine over-delivers with each glass, pairing nicely with your favorite dishes so that you come away with a luxurious experience. Only the best grapes get turned into this product, so definitely give it a try.

Vigilance Cimarron Red Blend

This beautiful wine comes directly from Lake County, California. It isn’t something fancy or pretentious when you want to enjoy a glass of red, but you’ll still receive impressive notes of dark chocolate, currant, and spices with each sip. The winemaker achieves this flavorful blend by aging the wine in French Oak barrels for 15 months before bottling. Each vine receives care using sustainable methods to ensure that every bottle is like having a little piece of heaven.

Red foot wine will always be a preference because of its consistent flavor profile. When you’re ready to try something different, then these are the four alternatives that you’ll want to try first. You can order them directly from the vintner or through your local market.

Top 5 Styles for Wedding After-Party Dresses

The day you get married is one of the best days of your life. Even if the relationship fizzles, this moment is one that will remain in your memory forever. Once you have selected the perfect wedding gown, you’ll want to review your after-party dress options so that you can dance the night away. 

Don’t forget to bring a tasty dessert to the wedding, either.

Several styles are popular right now from today’s best fashion brands, so these are the wedding after-party dresses you’ll want to review to ensure your after-party is just as memorable as your wedding ceremony.

Style #1: Rose Gold

Rose gold dresses are making a big splash in the after-party scene, offering a variety of different looks to fit each body shape and personality. You can so with a sheer look if you prefer, something more traditional with straps and frills, or something with glitter and sequins. You’ll find options that go to your ankle or stop at your thigh in this category.

Style #2: The Pantsuit

Don’t be afraid to drop that big train in the back for a bodysuit when it is time for the after-party. You’ll find that this option tends to be a lot cheaper, even from luxury brands, and being in some trousers and a corset feels good after the wedding ceremony. You can opt for a look that hugs the legs close like jogging pants or pursue something closer to bell-bottoms with this style option.

Style #3: Flirty Skirts

If you want to start and end your evening in something that feels light and free-flowing, then a flirty skirt is going to be the style you prefer. You’ll find a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles available in this category. The one thing that each dress has in common here is that they are all floor-length, but you’ll ensure that there’s a decrease in the formality of your celebration once you change into a choice from this category.

Style #4: Go for the Gold Standard

Who says that you need to stay in white the entire night when you get married? If a rose gold dress doesn’t speak to you, then get rid of anything ivory by going with patina-containing shades. You’ll get to manage an effortless look that feels incredibly luxurious while saving a little cash along the way. Make sure that you invest in a pair of comfortable shoes that match this dress so you can enjoy your after-party time.

Style #5: Break All of the Rules

It’s your wedding day. If you decide that formality is not what you want, then go casual with your after-party dress. There are no rules to follow when you choose this style, but there are some trends to consider. Floral prints are popular now, and they still will be when 2020 comes to a close. Pick your favorite color, then choose a flower, and you’ve got a recipe for a dress that you can wear more than once.

What style speaks the most to you for your upcoming after party?

Top 5 Ingredients for Chicken Clubs

Chicken clubs are some of the best sandwiches you’ll ever enjoy. Whether you prefer a cold sandwich or a melt is up to you, but the quality of the ingredients used will determine whether you want another bite.

If you want to make the ultimate sandwich, then these are the ingredients that you are going to need in your kitchen.

List of the Best Chicken Club Ingredients

Your sandwich needs to start with high-quality bread. Don’t settle for the cheap, highly refined white loaves at the store. A nice 9-grain variety is an excellent option because it will support the ingredients you’ll want to add to the sandwich.

Marinated Chicken Breast

You will want to begin your sandwich-making process by marinating boneless and skinless chicken breasts overnight. A combination of olive oil, fresh garlic, dry basil, fresh oregano, and a pinch of salt and pepper will give you a solid foundation. For an extra treat, consider adding a drop or two of CBD oil from Irwin Naturals. Then lightly fry the chicken in a pan the next day until it turns golden brown before finishing it in the oven.


Instead of slicing the avocado to include it on your chicken club sandwich, consider turning it into more of a spread similar to mayonnaise. That will give you the option to add Natural Factors powders to boost the nutritional value of each bite. 

Ham and Bacon

The bacon on your chicken club should be thick and crisp. Applewood smoked products are an excellent addition here because you’ll get a taste of fall that infuses into some of the Italian influences with the meat. Any ham will work well, but a sliced deli product with smoky flavors will make a nice contribution to the sandwich.

Heirloom Tomatoes

It can be a challenge to get heirloom tomatoes out-of-season in some markets, so try the Roma variety as a second option when making a chicken club sandwich. Slice the tomato thinly so that you can get full coverage.

Final Condiments

A chicken club comes together when you add some mayo, a bit of onion, and some mozzarella cheese into the mix. If you want a dash of green in your sandwich (aside from the avocado), then some microgreens or butter leaf lettuce are good choices to consider. You might also add some vitamin supplements from Solgar to get the energy you need to make it through your day. 

How Do You Make a Chicken Club Sandwich?

The order of ingredient placement doesn’t really matter with chicken clubs. As long as you get everything to fit between two slices of bread, then you’re going to have a wonderful treat for your next meal.

If you plan to add some powders, oils, or supplements to your chicken club, make sure that you mix them in well with your other ingredients. Getting a heavy dose of powder can spoil the experience!

As a final step, you might consider toasting your bread to ensure that the sandwich doesn’t get too soggy. That’s how you make the perfect chicken club!