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White Elephant Gift Ideas That Are Delightfully Terrible

Most people have experienced the funny and terrible gifts that people bring to a white elephant gift exchange. You may have seen everything from rubber chickens to fanny packs with a hairy belly as the primary graphic.

If you have a white elephant gift exchange or party to attend, here are some delightfully terrible gifts to consider getting for a big laugh.

What White Elephant Gift Should You Give This Year?

Framed Tweets

Grab a favorite tweet from someone in your crew. Next, have it professionally printed so that it becomes a photograph. Once you have that step accomplished, get it framed to have the perfect white elephant gift on display all year.

Dammit Dolls

When you get frustrated with someone, the swear words might come out in a stream faster than the Niagara Falls falls. Since you can’t bash in a person’s head (legally), this gift is the next best solution. They come in numerous patterns and colors to match almost any personality.

Chicken Harness and Leash

Who wouldn’t want to walk their chicken around the neighborhood?

Selfie Toaster

When a mirror isn’t enough to celebrate how gorgeous you are, the selfie toaster puts your face on bread. Forget about giving this gift to yourself – that’s a bit narcissistic. Let someone else enjoy your smiling image throughout all of next year.

An Otamatone

If you can’t be good at something, you should be the worst at it. That lofty goal is the perfect opportunity to give the gift of an Otamatone. It’s often called the world’s worst musical instrument because the sound is reminiscent of a goat with its hoof stuck under a heavy hay bale.

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

The squirrel sticks its head into the feeder for some munchies. You snap a picture that makes it look like the animal has a horse face.
Additional items include ugly Christmas sweaters, moon deeds, reindeer poop, and rubber chicken pursues.

The 4 Most Festive Essential Oil Aromas

Although essential oils are an attractive health investment to use all year long, the holidays bring out some of the most festive arrangements.

You can enhance your joy, snuggle up nice and warm with the family, or relax after a stressful day of managing whatever else 2020 decided to throw your way.

Having supplies available from top brands like Aubrey Organics and NOW Foods ensures that you can embrace a celebratory spirit whenever the mood strikes! Here are the essential oils that will help bring out the joy that comes with the holidays.

Best Essential Oils for Christmas


One of the best scents of the season is a fresh Christmas tree at home. Bringing in the aroma of pine, spruce, or fir trees provides the traditional evergreen experience that speaks of togetherness. When using pine essential oils, you can stimulate your metabolism, reduce stress, and even knock the edge off of some chronic pain.


Many families still celebrate the tradition of placing oranges in stockings on Christmas Eve. This fruit became the symbol of the gold sacks that St. Nicholas dropped to pay for a poor man’s daughter’s dowry. These fruits are commonplace today, but it was a great luxury to afford one over a century ago. Using orange essential oils can boost your mood, reduce stress, and lower your blood pressure.


This essential oil is useful for treating several health concerns, ranging from immune system deficits to anxiety attacks. It has long been associated with religious ceremonies, going as far back as Ancient Egypt to celebrate spiritual matters.


What is unique about this essential oil is that it may help normalize a person’s lipid profile. It could reduce the influence of hunger hormones that cause some people to overeat, especially during the holidays. The fruity, spicy aroma speaks of the season, filling your home with love and joy.

What are your favorite essential oils to use during the holidays?

5 Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

Bedtime stories are a fun way to encourage healthy bedtime routines at home. Once your kiddos get a little older, they may transition from having you read them to doing it by themselves.

If you’re thinking about starting this habit at home, here are the best bedtime stories to consider grabbing today.

List of the Best Bedtime Stories for Children

Owl Babies

This story takes your child through an adventure where some owl babies find their mother is missing. It offers a reassuring end, beautiful illustrations, and a lesson learned about how to manage scary feelings.

Stories of the Night

This children’s book has a mama bear telling her cub three different stories in this imaginative adventure. The illustrator’s colors are bold while your child gets to explore this innovative world with your narration.

The Way Home in the Night

In this story, a sleepy rabbit gets carried through the streets by her mother. It lets the little one view the different ways that the world approaches the idea of bedtime. When your child sees that everyone else doesn’t mind going to sleep, they might also embrace that concept.

Thank You and Good Night

You’ll discover a little girl putting her stuffy rabbit to bed. He asks if he can invite two friends for a sleepover. Once they’re together, they have all sorts of adventures that keep them from settling. It’s a wonderful story that teaches the benefits of gratitude.

I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed

This story is part of the Charlie and Lola series. You’ll discover collaged art instead of the typical illustrations, which helps the tale stand out even more. Lola comes up with lots of exhausting ideas, while Charlie tries to help keep things settled down for them both.

What are some of your favorite bedtime stories for children?

Inviting Non-Denominational Holiday Decorations for the Home

When the holidays come around each year, many families decorate with their faith at the center of the process. There’s nothing wrong with a focus on religion, culture, or the solstice. When it’s your home, you call the shots!

Blended families may have a different experience. The parents may have diverse beliefs, leading to a duality in the decorating.

Others prefer a more secular approach, featuring Santa, Rudolph, and cornucopias.

If you want to make a non-denominational impression in your decorating this year, these items are an attractive way to celebrate the holidays.

1. Use Sparklers

Although you wouldn’t want to light them inside, sparklers are a fun way to celebrate any occasion. When all the presents are opened or bellies are full, consider handing some out for some fun. You can use fireworks displays outside to continue the theme.

2. Welcome Bags

Offering gifts during the holidays is a non-denominational approach. Instead of providing favors, couples are offering welcome bags instead. It could be a bottle of wine, a charitable donation, or some baked goods. If you’re having family stay over for a few days, it may be helpful to provide toiletries and some daily living essentials.

3. Lights

You can decorate your home with plenty of colorful lights to ring in the holiday spirit. You can use white strings to create a fun social outdoor area, use smart bulbs for unique experiences, or stick with something classic.

4. Wreaths

A winter wreath is a family tradition that goes beyond all holidays. You can bring greenery, garlands, and other natural elements to your celebration without ever mentioning religion. Add a few berries, flowers, or evergreens to create some lovely plumage.

5. Champagne Tower

A champagne tower is a decoration that doubles as a coping mechanism to manage the same stories you hear each year. Your guests will love the concept!

Decorations don’t need to be denominational to make a positive impact. With these ideas, you can turn your house into an inviting home.

The 3 Lucky Colors You Should Know in 2020

The precepts of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology offer a set of lucky colors for each year. These tones coincide with whatever year is on the Zodiac calendar to promote a specific set of circumstances that encourage good luck.

Since 2020 is the Year of the Rate, the lucky colors to strengthen your opportunities for the year are white, blue, and gold.

Each color has a specific association to it worth taking into consideration as you work to carve out a better life every day.

Use These Colors at Home in 2020

Although white, blue, and gold are the primary colors to use for good luck during the Year of the Rat, several complimentary colors can strengthen your footing in this area. 

Using red, yellow, and green can help you to fill the energy gaps that exist between the primary colors for the year. You can also use the specific tones that are part of your particular Zodiac sign to encourage more opportunities to come your way.

What Does White Represent?

Depending on its context, white can represent purity, innocence, or passing on to the next life. It’s the most common hue for consumer goods in the country because it creates opportunities for renewal. 

What Does Blue Represent?

Blue is the representation of water. It is an intrinsic element of the Rat because it is a symbol of human relationships. The reflection that the surface provides can lead to more significant insights, intuition, influence, and the exposure of secrets. 

What Does Gold Represent?

Gold represents riches and wealth. You would use this hue to promote good luck and prosperity in your life throughout the year. Consider adding it to your kitchen décor as a way to include everyone in the family.

Why Colors Are Important Each Year

China uses a powerful scale of color symbolism that isn’t found in the Western world. The Five Elements Theory plays an integral role in the customs and beliefs of the country.

When you coordinate the specific colors for the year with the other options that are available as complementary features, then you can surround yourself with good luck.

Another way to promote better luck in life is to take care of your essential needs. When you take care of your health using items from brands like Allergy Research Group, Metagenics, and Standard Process, then your lucky color for 2020 can have more power.

Is It Time to Go to Bed? 5 Obvious Reasons You Should!

Your circadian rhythm is the internal clock that lets you know when it is time to sleep, and when you should wake up. It’s a process that your brain controls as it responds to darkness and light. Your internal body temperature, hormone production, and several bodily functions all connect to this process.

Even though the circadian rhythm should help you know when it is time to go to bed, many people have trouble falling or staying asleep. The combination of electric lights, smart devices, and other electronics can throw this natural process out of balance with the rest of the world.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

1. You Are Falling Asleep During the Day

If you can close your eyes for a moment and it causes you to fall asleep, then your body is deprived of the rest it needs. Sleep latency of five minutes or less is usually an indication that the time or quality of your time in dreamland isn’t where it should be. Everyone has different needs, but you should try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

2. You Zone Out or Daydream Often

If you lose your train of thought often or your brain struggles to focus on a specific topic, then it might be due to a lack of sleep. Your mind doesn’t turn off entirely at night, but it does need the downtime to file away the information you stored in it.

3. You Crave Carbs

If you want lots of sugar or starchy foods, then your body wants a quick energy fix because it is feeling tired. Instead of opting for a late-night snack, try heading to bed when those cravings hit. It could help you to fall asleep faster.

4. You Wake Back Up

A lot of people feel more energetic after 9 P.M. because their body recognizes the need to stay up later. It’s a process that’s helpful sometimes, but it isn’t something you want to do every night. Try to make a note for when this process happens so that you can adjust your bedtime.

5. You Feel Cold

Your body temperature starts declining when it is time to go to sleep. If your urge is to bundle under a blanket, then it might be better to go to bed. 

Instead of relying on supplements or medications to get the sleep you need, it might be helpful to take a “back to basics” approach. If you experience these issues during the day, then it is an obvious reason that it’s time to go to bed.

Ways to Waste Time at Work With Nothing to Do

Employers want you to be productive at all times when you’re on-the-clock. If you aren’t working, then the business sees you getting paid for doing nothing.

There can be times when wasting time at work is necessary because there’s nothing left to do. If you find yourself in that situation, then here are some ideas that can help you make it to the end of your shift.

Top Ways to Waste Time at Work

CareerBuilder and the Harris Poll worked together to speak with employees about their time-wasting habits. The results of the survey found that many of us enjoy the same time-wasting measures.

Half of the respondents said that using their cell phones or texting was the most common way that they wasted time. Gossiping (42%), using the internet (39%), and social media use (38%) were also top of the list.

The most surprising result was that one out of every four employees said that they took frequent smoke or snack breaks as a way to waste some time.

Spending time on email, speaking with co-workers who stop by, and attending meetings were also popular ways to waste time when there wasn’t anything better to do.

Unique Ways to Waste Time at Work

The survey from CareerBuilder and the Harris Poll allowed recipients to offer short answers to their time-wasting habits. Some people found unique ways to waste time when there was nothing to do.

  • Sleeping in the office, but claiming to be praying when caught by a supervisor.
  • Taking selfies with co-workers in the bathroom.
  • Blowing bubbles outside in cold weather to see if they would freeze.
  • Caring for pets that others managed to smuggle into work.
  • Shaving your legs. 
  • Looking for relationship matches on dating websites. 

A survey from in 2014 found that 57% of workers admit to wasting at least one hour per day. 

What most businesses discover is that inefficiencies tend to be the worst wasters of time. Most formal training classes are wasted opportunities, while meeting invitations can be a significant drain on a person’s time resources.

The average worker in the United States also wastes up to one-quarter of their day responding to or managing useless emails.

If you have nothing to do at work and time to kill, then consider starting a side hustle. Use your downtime to continue being productive. It might open some new doors where you won’t need to waste as much time in the future!

6 Creative Excuses to Get Out of Obligations

If obligations have you second-guessing your decisions right now, then there are some creative excuses available that people will believe. Whether you’d prefer to stay home and read, play video games, or go in a different direction, these are the best options to consider.

1. “I’m Too Tired to Finish Things Today.”

People take work harder today than arguably at any other time in history. Being tired is a constant state of being for many of us. If you tell people that you’re too out of energy to get stuff done, it’ll be a believable excuse. You just don’t want to make a habit of using this one.

2. “I Don’t Feel Very Good.”

A sudden illness isn’t unusual to experience. Outbreaks of the measles, influenza, and other viruses or diseases lend credibility to this excuse. Adding a few details, like you can’t stop throwing up, can sell the story.

3. “I Lost My Wallet/ Keys/ Phone.”

If you can’t find your keys, then it is challenging to get somewhere to complete your obligations. Leaving your home unprotected is unacceptable, and the average person will understand. It would help if you also had your wallet, phone, or purse to manage your responsibilities.

4. “I Completely Forgot!”

The best creative excuses focus on forgetfulness. You can be “terrible” at remembering names, “bad” at putting things on your calendar, and other items that really require no skill. Everyone forgets something at some point in their life, so it becomes a very believable experience.

5. “I Missed My Ride.”

Did the train take off early without you realizing it? Perhaps the bus schedule changed and you didn’t know what happened? It could even be the excuse that you can’t get your car started. It’s an excuse that will make other people sigh, but it also creates an aura of authenticity that’s difficult to deny.

6. “I Have a Pet Emergency.”

This excuse can turn into a “boy who cried wolf” situation quickly if you’re not careful. It’s a one-time-only card you can play. You’ll want to use it wisely – and make sure you actually have a pet at home.

Is Honesty the Best Policy?

You also have the option to be honest about your obligations. 

Tell people that you don’t want to fulfill those obligations, and then walk away knowing that you were honest. It won’t make others happy about your choices, but sometimes that outcome is better than getting caught in a lie.   

5 Cities in America to Visit in Your Lifetime

The United States offers a vast array of different experiences to enjoy. You can get a taste of England in the Northeast, enjoy French and Spanish influences in the South, or embrace ancient civilizations in the deserts of the southwest.

If you plan a trip to America, then these are the cities you will want to visit.

Best Cities to See in the United States

Most people like to visit American metropolitan centers like New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago. But you should certainly check out some of the following gems. 

1. New Orleans

This city loves any excuse to get dressed up and have a party. You’ll find live music playing on the streets throughout the year. Explore the French Quarter, linger in the Marigny, or just go for the food.

2. Washington, D.C.

America’s capital is also one of its most beautiful cities. All of the landmarks at the National Mall are a holiday adventure on their own. When you include the Smithsonian Museums, emerging neighborhoods, or the opportunity to catch a baseball game, you’ll find that an enjoyable experience awaits.

3. Charleston

This city is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas of the United States from a colonial perspective. It was established in 1670, and the architecture of the old town center reflects this age. When you get a chance to experience modern art, cuisine, and culture in this context, it creates a thoroughly enjoyable holiday opportunity.

4. Las Vegas

A trip to see America is incomplete without a stay in Las Vegas. It’s called “Sin City” because of the various entertainment opportunities you can find. What is unique about this community is that it offers a series of changing experiences throughout the year. Rodeos, professional racing, and pro hockey are also here. You can also take a short road trip over to see Hoover Dam.

5. Miami

If you love beaches, gentle waves, and beautiful people, then Miami is the place to be. You’ll hear Latin beats in the background as you enjoy Cuban cuisine and relaxation. Try to schedule your time around December when Art Basel comes to town to see the best of what the city offers.
America provides a plethora of experiences from coast-to-coast. The style and feel of these cities may also line up with where you will want to hold your wedding. In any of these cities, you will find something incredible no matter where you decide to visit, so start planning your trip today!

6 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die

Foreign travel is easier today than arguably at any other time in human history. One passport allows you to access numerous countries around the world, and many let you purchase a visa for your stay once you arrive.

If you travel in Europe or North America, border crossings are often effortless. Most take only a few minutes to complete – and that’s assuming you need to stop in the first place.

When your wanderlust reaches a point where you can’t deny the urge to travel, then these are the places to visit first.

List of the Best Places to See in the World

Did you know that foreign travel can make you healthier and smarter? That’s just another reason why seeing these places should be a top priority.

Great Barrier Reef

This spot is the most extensive collection of coral reefs found anywhere in the world. It spans over 1,400 miles, making it big enough to be seen from space. It is also listed as one of the seven wonders of the natural world. If you love to go swimming, diving, or exploring, there isn’t a better place on the planet to enjoy underwater life than here.

Pyramids of Giza

This place is the only one of the seven ancient wonders of the world that is still mostly intact. The structures are over 4,500 years old, and the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure that humans built for at least 3,800 years. Plenty of mysteries still exist in Egypt about this civilization, so exploring this area makes you feel like you are part of that history.


There was a time on our planet when religions focused on the symbolism of circles and swirls as a way to commemorate deities. This location might be a pile of circular rocks that weigh a lot, but there is also something mystical about seeing the stone pillars. Sunrise and sunset are uniquely beautiful. 

Salar de Uyuni

The world’s largest salt flat covers over 4,000 square miles. It formed because of the presence of several ancient lakes that eventually receded and evaporated. During the rainy season, the water creates a reflective surface that makes it seem like you’re standing on a mirror. Governments use this Bolivian wonder to calibrate their satellites. 

Grand Canyon

Spanning for over 200 miles, the Colorado River carves out a majestic trail through the massive rock wall spans. Take a path down to the bottom for an exciting excursion, discovering waterfalls and hidden pools along the way. You really can’t describe the feeling that you get when standing at the edge, and the pictures you see online don’t do this place any favors.

Reed Flute Caves

These caves have been a bucket-list item for people for over 1,200 years because of its incredible pillar formations. The system is over 240 meters long, providing you with a remarkable experience as you move along the stalactites and stalagmites. Multicolored lights now highlight the top spots, so this place is one you won’t want to miss.

Several other places to visit include the Great Wall, Antelope Canyon, and Easter Island. Where do you plan to let your travels take you first?