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5 Worst Pandemics the World Has Ever Seen

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for billions of people globally. Millions of jobs have disappeared, food shortages are seemingly everywhere, and life involves a lot more time at home.

You’re told to take care of yourself during these moments. Eat right, take your vitamins, and stock up on products from brands like Garden of Life, Integrative Therapeutics, and Jarrow Formulas

Will we get through these circumstances? If the lessons learned from the worst pandemics in world history are a guide, we’ll return to normal one day.

1. The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

The flu virus circulated worldwide for three years before things got under control, eventually killing about 50 million. Over 500 million people contracted this illness, with about half of the deaths happening during the first six months. It was the first of its kind that could hurt healthier adults more than those with weaker immune systems.

2. The Black Death

The ten years in the 14th century when the Bubonic Plague ran rampant throughout Europe caused up to 60% of the continent’s population to die. Experts believe that the fleas on rats in cargo vessels caused the disease to move from Asia, creating the perfect breeding ground in the crowded cities.

3. Plague of Justinian

This pandemic was another one caused by the Bubonic Plague. It likely killed half of Europe’s population in the 6th century. It afflicted the port cities in the Mediterranean and the Byzantine Empire the most, but it only lasted a year. At its height, 5,000 people were dying daily from this disease.

4. Antonine Plague

This 2nd century pandemic was likely measles or smallpox, but no one knows what it was for sure. It would kill at least five million people before it was over. The disease came back with Roman soldiers returning from the Mesopotamia region, decimating the Empire’s defenses.

5. HIV Pandemic

HIV (and AIDS) were first identified in 1976 in Africa. Since then, it became a global pandemic that killed over 36 million people. About the same number of people are currently living with this virus. About 5% of the sub-Saharan population is infected, making it the hotbed of activity. Treatments have improved to drop the death rate, but it is still a deadly disease to get.

10 Most Popular YouTube Videos [And Why They Were Popular]

YouTube got its start in 2005. Co-Founder Jawed Karim uploaded the video called “Me at the Zoo” to start his channel that April.

Viral videos were the first to rack up the most views, but the trend on YouTube has been for music videos to take over the top spot.

Here are the 10 most most-viewed videos in YouTube history as of 2020.

List of the Most Popular YouTube Videos

1. Despacito

This song by Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee, has generated 6.95 billion views since its January 12, 2017 upload date.

2. Baby Shark Dance

The viral bit from Pinkfong Kids’ Songs and Stories was originally uploaded on June 17, 2016. It would take about two years before the concept caught on with the general public, eventually generating 6.49 billion views.

3. Shape of You

Ed Sheeran’s song has collected 4.96 billion views since it was first launched on YouTube on January 30, 2017.

4. See You Again

This song by Wiz Khalifa features Charlie Puth. It was uploaded on April 6, 2015, and it has accumulated 4.71 billion views since.

5. Masha and the Bear

Uploaded by Get Movies, this Russian animated television series has for season and 88 episodes created. The one called “Recipe for Disaster” is the most popular, with 4.33 billion views. It was first uploaded on January 31, 2012.

6. Uptown Funk

This song is by Mark Ronson, and it features Bruno Mars. It was uploaded on November 19, 2014, and it has collected 3.94 billion views.

7. Johny Johny Yes Papa

Created by LooLoo Kids, the song for this nursery rhyme would become an Internet meme. He and the character’s father do popular dance moves, with original lyrics and other popular sequences. It has 3.81 billion views.

8. Gangnam Style

This song by Psy became a viral music video sensation in 2012. It continues to collect views, with over 3.77 billion counted thus far.

9. Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm

Uploaded by Miroshka TV, this Russian educational video has over 3.64 billion views.

10. Sorry

This song from Justin Bieber has 3.34 billion views, first uploaded on October 22, 2015.

5 of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Most Iconic Buildings

Frank Llyod Wright may be the best American architect of all time. Although he was born over 150 years ago, his 500+ projects worldwide provide evidence of seven decades of perseverance.

Some of his works are considerably more memorable than others.

List of the Best FLW Buildings Ever Created

1. Robie House

This 1910 jewel happened a year after Wright left his wife and six children to join his lover in Europe. His prairie house design was unique, providing clean lines and ribbon windows with low roofs. The Chicago businessman took possession, but ownership transferred to the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1926. It was almost torn down twice.

2. Imperial Hotel

When Wright abandoned his family, it stopped commissions for some time. One of the servants in the house he built for his mistress set fire to it and murder her, her children, and several staff members with an ax. The first chance for work after those events was this project, completed in 1923. It was eventually demolished in 1968.

3. Fallingwater

Wright’s career stalled at the start of the Great Depression. A younger generation of modern architects was taking over, and people didn’t have money to spend on his designs. Relief came in 1934 when a department store proprietor in Pittsburgh asked for FLW’s help with a mountain retreat. It sits over a waterfall, but it has always had challenges with stability. It’s been a museum since 1964 and is fully restored.

4. The Illinois

Although this project never came to fruition, Wright conceived of building a skyscraper that went a mile into the sky. He was 88 years old at the time, and it is still one of architecture’s most futuristic endeavors. It would have 528 floors, served 130,000 people, and used 56 atomic-powered elevators.

5. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

FLW’s designs for this building, which was his only museum, went against all aspects of European convention. It uses an organic structure, much like a spiraling shell, to eliminate the standard 90-degree grids found in most designs. It opened about six months after Wright’s death, and people still either love or hate it. 

Frank Lloyd Wright is an American legend. What may be his most notable accomplishment was that he was always independent, refusing to join the American Institute of Architects. 

6 Best Rainy Day Movies to Enjoy During Wet Weather

One of the best ways to spend a rainy day is to watch a favorite movie. When you spend time with your friends and loved ones with this activity, you’re supporting your mental health.

You can support your physical health on these cold and rainy days by ensuring that you take all of your vitamins and supplements. Brands like Terry Naturally, Klaire Labs, and Neurobiologix ensure that you have the energy needed for a marathon binge session.

What movie from this list will you start on the next day you’re stuck inside without any sunshine?

List of the Best Rainy Day Movies to Enjoy

1. Unicorn Store

This film is the feature-length directorial debut of Brie Larson. The idea of the movie is simple: Let your imagination run wild. That’s the perfect solution for a day when you must find ways to have fun while staying inside.

2. Falling Inn Love

Try this romantic comedy for something a little different. The primary character wins an inn, falls in love with the contractor, and provides the lush landscapes of New Zealand as the backdrop for the story.

3. Christopher Robin

This rainy day movie is a fun option to share with the kids at home. It stars Ewan McGregor, playing an adult version of Pooh’s best friend. The goal of reuniting is to find some of the fun memories from childhood.

4. The Dark Knight

You could binge-watch all of the recent Joker movies that have come out, but how can you not include the best one in the past 20 years? Even if you’re not a big fan of Batman, this movie is one that hits every note.

5. Definitely, Maybe

This movie follows the story of a Ryan Reynolds character who narrates an epic romance. He tells his daughter about how he met her mom and the other loves of his life. It’s one of those perfect films where you can snuggle under a blanket, get some hot chocolate, and enjoy some peaceful moments.

6. National Treasure

A movie-based treasure hunt is always a fun time. What makes this film unique are the historical references that give it an atmosphere of truth. You’ll want to have lots of popcorn available for this one!

The best rainy day movies can help you to have fun even if the weather outside is less than delightful. Which one will you stream first?

6 Worst People in History

When you start thinking about the worst people in history, a few names come to mind immediately. Adolf Hitler is typically at the top of the list, followed by names like Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and Vlad the Impaler.

Here are some of the names that sometimes get forgotten when contemplating the worst people in history.

1. Heinrich Himmler

Himmler served as the head of the SS in Nazi Germany. He was responsible for the final solution, creating the foundation for the Holocaust. During his career, it is estimated that he ordered the killing of six million Jews – along with hundreds of thousands of people deemed unworthy. He committed suicide at the end of the war.

2. Saddam Hussein

Hussein served as Iraq’s dictator for over 20 years. He authorized numerous attacks on his people, killing an estimated two million before being stopped. That figure doesn’t include the beatings, eye-gouging, and torture. He was even known to record some of the “interviews” to watch them later.

3. Ivan the Terrible

Ivan failed to walk the tightrope between genius and insanity during his life. Records show that he threw animals from the top of tall buildings as a kid to see what would happen. He saw enemies in his friends, enjoying the experience of disemboweling those who got in his way. During the Novgorod Massacre, he was responsible for the deaths of 60,000 people.

4. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Khomeini was responsible for the Iranian Revolution that happened in 1979. He would serve in leadership for the next ten years until his death. People found in violation of his Shia laws were tortured and killed. He also refused to make peace with Iraq, making him responsible for the deaths of about three million people.

5. Nero

The story of Rome burning happens during the time of Nero. As the leader of the Roman Empire, he often had people boiled, stabbed, burned, impaled, or crucified. He burnt several cities to the ground before setting fire to the capital to blame it on Christians so that he could torture them. When Nero realized that his time was done, he enlisted the help of a trusted associate to kill himself.

6. Mao Zedong

Chairman Mao served as China’s dictator from 1943 to 1976. He wanted to make his country a superpower, but instead, he created the largest genocide in recorded human history. Up to 70 million people died during his tenure, often from starvation or forced labor.

Numerous names deserve to be on this list. 
If you love more top lists, then check out the 6 most prolific writers of all time!

6 Top Places to Have a Birthday Dinner

The best place to have a birthday dinner is at home. When you have a kitchen filled with your favorite items, surrounded by the people you love, there is no better experience when celebrating another year of living on this rock.

If you plan to go out for your birthday this year, consider supporting a local restaurant. You’ll help your community’s economy while getting something tasty to eat.

When you want to splurge some to eat at a chain restaurant, these are your best birthday options.

Where Are the Best Places to Eat on Your Birthday?

1. Jersey Mike’s

If you are a member of this sandwich chain’s email club, you’ll get a free sub and drink when it is your birthday. Their signature Philly cheesesteak is the main attraction, but you can choose from a variety of ingredients in their menu.

2. Red Robin

When you are a member of this restaurant’s loyalty club, you’ll earn a free burger during your birthday month. Although the menu does change throughout the year at some locations, you’ll have about two dozen options to consider. If you don’t have a membership, you can still grab a free ice cream sundae.

3. Spaghetti Warehouse

You can score an entire birthday meal for free if you are part of this restaurant’s Warehouse Club. Why worry about cooking at home when someone will do it for you without charge?

4. Texas de Brazil

This restaurant chain hints at the idea of a birthday gift for every email club participant. Although what you receive is variable at times, the most common offer is a coupon for a buy one, get one free dinner experience. That means you can choose from chicken sausage, flanks steak, lamb chops, and more.

5. Black Angus Steakhouse

If you join this restaurant’s Prime Club, you get a free dessert when you visit – even if it isn’t your birthday! When you celebrate this special occasion, you’re gifted an entire steak dinner for your special time. You’ll receive a bone-in ribeye for that first birthday celebration. Each year after, you get a free cookie.

6. Einstein Brothers

Is breakfast more your style? Stop here to get a free egg sandwich on your birthday. Top it with ham, bacon, and Swiss cheese for a lovely experience. You’ll need to join the company’s Shmear Society to take advantage of this offer.

What Are the Best Excuses for Not Doing Homework?

The classic excuse for not doing homework involves a dog and some unfortunate eating habits. Although most teachers won’t believe this story, it has actually happened to a few people over the years.

If you don’t have a dog, or another pet, who can destroy your work in the last seconds before it is due, try turning to one of these excuses for not having your homework ready on time.

1. “I got sick, so I couldn’t get anything done.”

Some teachers might require a medical note or a signed excuse from your parents on this one. If you are in college, it might work once to get out of an assignment.

2. “There was a death in the family.”

This excuse works if you have a critical test or homework assignment that needs more time. It helps to remember not to have the same relative die more than once for it to be successful. You may get asked to bring a bulletin or evidence of a funeral to get the extension.

3. “My computer died.”

If you must complete an assignment on your computer, having the equipment crash is an entirely believable excuse. When everyday issues are the reason why your homework remains incomplete, it’s the best way to get a little more time.

4. “Someone stole my backpack.”

You had your backpack next to you on the bus. All of your homework was ready to turn in. Now it is gone – and you’re even out the lunch money you had for today’s burritos you love. You might need to file a report to get away with this excuse, which means you must measure the value of having more time with the idea of getting caught.

5. “I left the assignment in my parent’s car.”

If your parents drop you off at school each day, telling your teacher that you forgot the homework as you hurried to class could get you a 24-hour extension. It would be unreasonable to ask someone to leave their job to deliver. Some teachers might suggest that you call your mom or dad to stop by on their lunch break.
The best way to approach incomplete homework is to tell the truth. Tell your teacher what happened, show how much you’ve accomplished, and you may get the extra time needed without using an excuse. This is doubly true for adults, where these lies can really come back to bite you. So next time you forgot to read a book for your bookclub, just own up to it.

5 Book Club Books That Are Perfect for a Group Discussion

The best book club books are the ones that create a spirited discussion with your family or friends. Even when you host a meeting online through Zoom or another app, the stories and narratives offered can inspire others to follow their dreams.

These are the book club books you’ll want to buy or check out from the library this year.

We Were the Lucky Ones

This WWI novel follows the true story of the Kurc family. They were separated during the conflict while striving to survive so that they could be reunited once again. It may be historical fiction by genre, but it certainly feels like the events happened according to the narrative.

Behold the Dreamers

Many families immigrate to the United States each year in a quest to find a better life. This book follows the story of a household that moved from Cameroon to New York City under a false asylum claim. It takes a more in-depth look at the American immigration system, discusses social burdens, and questions the foundation of happiness for us all.

Ask Again, Yes

This story follows the families of two police officers who find themselves as neighbors. Their children become best friends while growing up, but everyone finds a way to keep their distance from the wife of one officer because of her mental illness. After tragedy strikes, one family moves away – but the kids fall in love. It’s a wonderful story about forgiveness, love, and understanding.

The Starless Sea

This book club book is a favorite because it’s a love story set in the world of magic. A graduate student finds a new text full of intriguing tales, only to discover that he is the one in the narrative. You’ll find yourself swept up into the story, navigating all of the twists and turns until you reach a satisfying conclusion.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Instead of getting asked to perform manual labor like the other Jewish detainees, the primary character in this story must tattoo assigned numbers on his fellow prisoners. It is a true story that includes a personal interview with the main character to create authentic details you don’t find in other history tales. It is an intriguing perspective of love and survival that isn’t found in the current generation.

Which one of these book club books will you start reading first?

6 Bento Box Ideas for a Filling and Healthy Lunch

Bento Box ideas are a fun way to have a filling and healthy lunch on the go. They let you skip your favorite takeout restaurant that only offers salty and high calories sweets, and you can take them to school, enjoy them at work, or use them for a quick meal at home.

It’s the perfect solution for everyone who wants something different than the lunchmeat sandwich and chips you get in the brown bag lunch.

Best Ideas for a Bento Box Meal

1. Burrito Bowls

This idea gives you a healthy dose of protein when you need it. Include some pulled pork, baked beans, and your favorite veggies. Instead of using a tortilla for your carbs, break apart a handful of tortilla chips to use.

2. Chicken Pesto Box

Use a spiralizer to make noodles out of zucchini for this fun Bento box idea. Add some slices of cucumber and radish to give it some zing. A little homemade pesto, cooked chicken, and some blueberries offer a well-rounded approach to eating.

3. Salami and Cheese

The classic Bento box for school lunches includes sliced salami, cheese cubes, and a favorite cracker. Add a few vegetables and some grapes to the mix for a surprisingly filling meal you can take almost anywhere.

4. The Paleo Breakfast

The Bento box is the perfect structure to bring breakfast-for-lunch to work or school. Instead of filling up on carbs, bring a hardboiled egg, your favorite berries, some pecans, and a little beef jerky to help you stay satisfied.

5. The Sammie Bento Box

A simple sandwich transforms your Bento box into a meal you’d get at any café. Pick your favorite lunchmeat, add a slice of cheese, and don’t forget some lettuce or a slice of tomato. Please remember to avoid the mayonnaise unless you can keep the food refrigerated.

6. Baked Tofu and Salad

A little barbecue sauce turns any tofu cube into a delightful treat. Include some raw veggies, a mayo-less potato salad, and a small dark chocolate snack to create a filling meal. 

Don’t forget to add your supplements to these fun Bento box ideas! Items from New Chapter, Nutri-Dyn, and Sunwarrior ensure that you receive a healthy nutrient balance every day!

Best Great Lake Beaches for a Summer Vacation

The Great Lakes straddle the border of the United States and Canada, providing a summer vacation destination for millions of people each year.

Five different lakes give you access to hundreds of miles of beaches to enjoy in both countries.

Although any beach with your loved ones is a perfect place to be, these destinations are the best options that the Great Lakes has to offer.

List of the Best Great Lake Beaches

1. Oval Beach – Saugatuck, MI

This beautiful beach gives you access to pristine waters, yellow sand, and plenty of sunshine. Lots of activities are here to enjoy, including kayaking, sport fishing, and paddleboat rides. You can explore the dunes at your leisure or head into town to enjoy some homemade treats. 

2. Ohio Street Beach – Chicago, IL

The skyscrapers of downtown Chicago stand tall in the background when you visit this gorgeous metropolitan beach. You might be in the heart of the city, but this destination is a quiet paradise. It sits adjacent to Milton Lee Olive Park, giving everyone lots of chances to wander and explore.

3. Sauble Beach – Sauble Beach, Ontario

Life is slow in this peaceful Canadian community. It is on the Bruce Peninsula, providing you with seven miles of warm, shallow water to enjoy. The color of the Great Lakes here is almost emerald, with soft sands under your feet offering the perfect experience. You’ll want to hang around to enjoy the sunset!

4. Presque Isle State Park – Erie, PA

The arching peninsula that makes up this protected area gives you a total of 13 beaches from which to choose. Each one is numbered – and all of the locals have a favorite that they prefer. The waves on the Great Lakes tend to be bigger than those at most of the other beaches, creating something that feels closer to the ocean.

5. Big Bay State Park – Madeline Island, WI

The Apostle Islands are one of the best attractions that Wisconsin offers. You can find sea caves, a beautiful backcountry, and quiet beaches awaiting your arrival. It takes a 20-minute ferry ride to access the state park, and then you are on your own to start exploring! Overnight camping is always a great experience here.

The best Great Lake beaches are the perfect destination for a summer vacation. Pack your bathing suit, grab some comfortable shoes, and don’t forget the sunscreen!