Best Breakfast Cereals to Eat Each Morning

If you feel hungry in the morning, what breakfast cereal do you reach for in your pantry or cupboard?

Many of us have fond memories of having a quick bowl of cereal before heading off to school in the morning. It might have been something sweet or nut-based, but the product was always good!

We also learned to let the raisins in Raisin Bran rehydrate some before eating them!

These breakfast cereals are some of the healthiest options you can choose from today.

1. Kashi Go Original

When you eat this breakfast cereal, you’ll receive about one-fifth of your daily recommended protein needs and almost half of the fiber. It’s lightly sweetened, working well with some of your favorite fruit choices thrown into the bowl.

2. KIND Almond Butter Clusters

You won’t believe the flavor levels that get packed into this tasty breakfast cereal. It is gluten-free, delivering over 10g of protein per serving. The tiny cinnamon bursts you receive in your bowl are the best reason to try this option.

3. Love Grown Power O’s

Instead of buying Cheerios for breakfast, consider grabbing these crunchy, circular puffs instead. They’re made from garbanzo beans and lentils to give you a plant-based start to your morning. That means you aren’t getting any corn or gluten while still getting protein and fiber.

4. Fiber One Original Bran

You’ll get 18g of fiber per serving with this cereal option, which is over half of the daily recommended value each day. It’s also one of the better low-calorie choices you can make. If you’re not a big fan of the flavor, consider mixing this one with another excellent breakfast cereal in the morning.

5. Mom’s Best Toasted Wheatfuls

When you purchase this breakfast cereal, you’re getting a product made from only two ingredients. Although the calorie and carb levels are high, you’re also receiving a non-GMO product with zero sugar and 55g of whole grains per serving.

What are some of your favorite breakfast cereals to eat in the morning?