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8 Moving Tips for Your Next DIY Move

Moving is always a pain. Whether you move across the country or just move to the next suburb, there are several things you can do to make it less stressful and more effective. From hiring a moving company to hiring personal movers, see how you can have an easier move.

In order for your move to be successful and less stressful, be sure to factor in the following things.

1. Pack your belongings in boxes to make the move easier.

This might seem like an obvious move, but using boxes for your move will make the move go way faster. It’s always easier to take items out of boxes, rather than having to move them around since they are all over the place. Keep in mind that you don’t have too many boxes or too little either. You want to be able to move around and not run out of room.

2. Use furniture sliders for heavy pieces of furniture

Having furniture sliders will make it easier to move your heavy pieces of furniture from one place in your house to another. You can purchase them in stores or you can make a way yourself by using a towel and placing a small item under the corners of your couch for grip. If you move frequently, then investing in furniture sliders is definitely a move you should make.

3. Label all your boxes with a marker or tape so you know what’s inside each one

You don’t want to find out that you move all the way across the country and forget what’s inside each box. Labeling your boxes will save you time while unpacking, making it easier for you to unpack faster so you can move on with your life.

4. Consider renting a truck instead of hiring movers because it will be cheaper and it’ll save time on moving day

If you move often, then hiring movers will definitely be a lot more expensive. On the other hand, if you move once or twice a year, renting a truck to move your belongings from one house to another is much cheaper and easier.

5. Make sure to pack any kitchen appliances, pots, pans, utensils, food items, etc., that are necessary for cooking meals after moving into your new home

You don’t want to move all the way into your new home and realize that you have nothing to eat because you didn’t pack anything. You should start cooking meals as soon as possible so that you don’t have to go out every single night for dinner.

6. Take an inventory of your move to track everything that you move

Taking an inventory of what you move will come in handy when it’s time for an insurance claim or something like that. You don’t want to move all the way into your new home and then realize that you only packed half your belongings because you can’t remember where they are. That’s why taking an inventory is a move that you should definitely make.

7. Get rid of anything that you don’t have room for in your new home

It’s always better to get rid of items before moving out because most likely, the move will be more expensive if you move an item into your new home and then later on realize it doesn’t fit anywhere. You’ll only end up wasting money by having to move it again.

8. Have someone move anything that you can’t move yourself, such as large pieces of furniture

Having someone move anything that is too heavy for you to move will save your back and get the move accomplished faster. It’s always nice to have people help you move, but if all else fails, then just hire a moving company.

Bonus. Hire professional movers to move anything that you can’t move by yourself or don’t want to move (like everything)

Hiring a professional moving company is a good move for two reasons: 1) it’ll save time and 2) if there are any damages made to any of your belongings, then the moving company is responsible for the damages. You’ll save time because moving companies move fast since they move a lot and if there are any damages made to your belongings, then you won’t have to worry about filing an insurance claim yourself.

It’s worth it to spend the extra money for move because of reasons stated above.

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