7 Most Annoying Anime Characters

In the world of anime, there are characters that are loved and characters that are hated. And then there are characters that are so annoying that they inspire a special kind of hate. Whether it’s because of their whiny personality or their infuriatingly smug attitude, these characters always manage to get under our skin.

7 Most Annoying Anime Characters of All Time

Sakura Haruno from “Naruto”

Sakura is the epitome of a whiny, annoying character. She’s constantly crying and getting in the way, and she always needs to be saved by someone else. What’s worse is that she actually believes she’s capable of being a strong ninja, even though she’s barely capable of doing anything on her own.

Tetsuo Shima from “Akira”

Tetsuo is an unbearable brat who throws tantrums and cries whenever he doesn’t get his way. He’s also incredibly selfish, only caring about his own power and what he can do with it. Even when he finally does get what he wants, he just ends up making things worse for everyone.

Misa Amane from “Death Note”

Misa is an annoying fangirl who is completely devoted to Light. She’s always clingy and trying to get his attention, and she doesn’t seem to understand that he’s using her. She’s also not very bright, which makes her even more frustrating to watch.

Neliel Tu Odelschwanck from “Bleach”

Neliel is an annoying child-like character who is always cheerful and energetic. She doesn’t seem to understand when it’s not appropriate to be happy, and she’s always getting in the way. She’s also not very strong, which makes her a liability in battle.

Marco Bott from “Attack on Titan”

Marco is an insufferable know-it-all who is always trying to prove that he’s better than everyone else. He’s always spouting off facts and figures, and he has no problem putting others down. He’s also not very brave, which makes him even more annoying.

Rin Kokonoe from “Blue Exorcist”

Rin is a hotheaded and impulsive character who is always getting into fights. She’s quick to anger and doesn’t think before she acts, which often gets her into trouble. She’s also not very strong, which makes her a liability in battle.

Zenitsu Agatsuma from “Demon Slayer”

Zenitsu is a cowardly character who is always running away from battles. He’s afraid of almost everything, and he’s always cowering in the background. He’s also not very strong, which makes him a liability in battle.

These are just a few of the most hated anime characters of all time. There are plenty of other characters that are just as annoying, if not more so. But these seven characters are definitely the most annoying of the bunch.