6 Most Villainous James Bond Bad Guys (and Gals)

A James Bond movie isn’t entertaining because of its action sequences. The quality of the villain is what creates a classic tale.

Over 100 different villains have made an appearance in this series of movies over the past five decades. Some of them have been more memorable than others, so here is a list of the best ones that you need to meet. 

List of the Best James Bond Villains

Whether you prefer Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, or someone else, James Bond can’t be a good guy without a fantastically evil villain. If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, make sure to add the James Bond series to your holiday watch list.

 Which one of these characters is your favorite antagonist? 

1. Goldfinger

This bad guy is a sinister psychopath who loves gold. He loves to dance on the edge of insanity while flamboyantly pursuing wealth. Even though the character feels a little cartoonish at times, he is as malicious as he is bizarre.

2. Red Grant

This assassin has all of the tools of the trade that make him a fantastic villain. His brilliance as a character goes beyond the garrote wristwatch. He needles Bond with insults without compromising his professionalism.

3. Francisco Scaramanga

Many viewers remember this villain as being the man with the golden gun, but that isn’t the only reason why he’s a fantastic bad guy. His skills are also incredibly good. With a backstory that includes time in the circus, he can make a deadly trick shot seem like a walk in the park. Then there’s the fact that the character matches his cufflinks to his gun, his writing utensils, and more.

4. Donald Grant

This SPECTRE soldier creates a steely toughness that matches what James Bond puts on the screen. His ruthlessness is legendary. The train scene where the two characters do battle is one of the few times a viewer might think a plot twist might be in the works.

5. Fiona Volpe

She is another SPECTRE soldier. Her specialty is more generalized, like a Jill-of-all-trades. She can seduce a pilot, steal a nuke, and go dancing at the club that night. Her work in Thunderball leaves Bond broken, bruised, and possibly heartbroken.

6. Rosa Klebb

The only solo female villain in the James Bond series almost murdered the super spy with a poisoned blade stored in her shoe. Her plants to steal a decoding machine my seem tame by today’s standards, but the strength of her personality makes her a fantastic double agent character.

Which villain from the James Bond movie series is your favorite one?