6 Fastest UFC Knockouts Ever

A knockout is one of the few things on earth that can be described as beautifully brutal. There’s always that daunting impact of a jaw sending a man crashing down to the canvass. In the UFC, knockouts are heralded more than your regular split decision victory. There have been times when UFC fighters have been knocked down the fastest. We shall take a look at a few of them on this list. 

Don Frye, UFC 8 – 8 Seconds

Don Frye, a former wrestler and professional boxer is no stranger to the knockout game. He proved this in this UFC fight with Thomas Ramires by knocking the lad out at 8 seconds on the clock. That was a devastating victory with a massive knockout. 

James Irvin, UFC Fight Night 13 – 8 Seconds

James Irwin has had a few fights that have gone down the rounds, but I guess he didn’t expect this one to end so soon and in his favor. His opponent for the night, Houston Alexander, threw a poor jab and was greeted by a massive superman punch to the jaw from Irwin, and it was lights out. 

The Korean Zombie, UFC 140 – 7 Seconds

This featured a shocking loss for Mark Hominick at the hands of Chang Sung Jung. It was a 7 seconds knockout shocked Mark in front of his home crowd.

 Ryan Jimmo, UFC 149 – 7 Seconds

Canadian Ryan Jimmo raised the roofs when he hit Anthony Perosh with a right-hand tsunami punch that sent him to the canvass before he could even know what hit him.  

Todd Duffee, UFC 102 – 7 Seconds

Todd Duffee caught his opponent Tim Hague with a jab that caught him off-guard. This crumbled his leg, enabling Todd to descend on him and send him to sleep with massive punches that would be the cause of his nightmares for a long time. 

Duane “Bang” Ludwig, UFC Fight Night 3 – 6 Seconds

Duane Ludwig recorded a record 6 seconds knockout over Goulet, which made it top this list. The knockout was initially registered as an 11 seconds knockout victory until Dana Walsh, the UFC president, recognized it as the fastest knockout in UFC history. 

There you have it! Above are some of the fastest UFC knockouts ever. Knockouts are always exciting to watch. It is even more incredible if it happens really quickly. Let’s hope that these fighters use Enzymedica products. Other victories would have made this list, but the ones here are the most memorable.