6 Areas of Life to Target to Jump Start Your Detox

If a stay-at-home order has you feeling tired and lethargic, then your body may be ready to go through a detox process.

Although we often associate detox with a physical cleansing, it must be a whole-existence approach used to create change. You need to address your mental, emotional, and spiritual lives while exploring your energy and surroundings.

Having products available from brands like Metagenics, Premier Research Labs, and Source Naturals can help you to jump start detox efforts for your body. Then you can follow these processes to target the other areas of your life.

1. Physical Detox

If you don’t eat healthy foods, then your body could be building up free radicals that cause cell oxidation. This issue can also develop when you don’t get enough exercise each day. Changing your routine in these areas can help you to feel better right away. 

2. Mental Detox

Eliminate the self-doubt in your life. Instead of being judgmental about your decisions or actions, learn to forgive yourself when making a mistake. Think of these moments as learning opportunities instead of failure. 

3. Emotional Detox

Take time to explore the undigested emotions that linger in your mind. Even if the process feels uncomfortable, it is essential to engage this area to jump start detox efforts. Shoving down your feelings will only create eruptions later in life.

4. Spiritual Detox

Stay away from negativity. Take time to pray, meditate, and contemplate without the advice of others ringing in your years. 

5. Energetic Detox

Create a routine that encourages time for relaxation and rest. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Then work on avoiding caffeine after lunch, sugary foods, and other choices that can rob your body of energy. 

6. Environmental Detox

Get out of the house every so often. Do something that falls outside of the usual routine. Even if you decide to take a drive somewhere, that action will take you to a different place than you are today.

You can also take bigger steps to jump start detox efforts in this area. Maybe you need to find a new job, a new home, or a new group of friends.

Detoxification efforts can provide a healthy outcome. If you haven’t taken time to care for yourself recently, then target these areas of your life to get that process started.