5 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Why are dogs called our “best friends” so often?

A dog can tap into emotional centers that other pets do not have. Their pack instincts let them know when you are feeling happy or sad so that they can provide the right kind of support at the moment you need it.

Our dogs rely on us to take care of them to have the happiest life possible. That’s why products from brands like Petzlife, Pet Naturals of Vermont, and Pet Wellbeing are useful to keep in stock. You are building a friendship that lasts for a lifetime!

All dogs have loyalty traits, but these are the breeds that are the most loyal.

Best Dog Breeds for Loyalty

1. German Shepherd

This breed is always loyal to its pack. If you are the leader, you have a companion who will always look to you for praise. These dogs are highly trainable, love having a job to do, and are fiercely protective. They have high energy levels – and love to match!

2. Akita

These dogs are bold and brave. They are affectionate with their family and fiercely protective of children. This breed is not a big fan of having strangers around, especially if no socialization took place during their puppy years.

3. Beagle

Hollywood helped to spread the notion of loyalty for this breed, but there is no denying the love that these dogs have for their people. They love a solo adventure and time to explore! At the end of the day, you will have a friend who wants to come to snuggle with you. 

4. Labrador Retriever

This breed is the traditional family dog in most cultures. They are hardworking pups who love some praise and a friendly pat on the head. You can bet your pup is going to start splashing around if any water is around for play!

5. Great Pyrenees

Herding dogs often become loyal guardians of their people and property. Their protective instincts ensure a constant companion with calm intelligence – and how can you not enjoy petting that fluffy fur? This breed needs a lot of exercise and training for a successful relationship, but it is an investment worth making!

Every dog is loyal to an extent. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, you can find a furry friend who makes your day better with these or any other breed you prefer.