5 Computer Add-ons for Optimal Productivity When WFH

If you find yourself working from home unexpectedly because of COVID-19, then you’re going to need some home office upgrades to stay productive.

These computer add-ons will pay for themselves in no time at all.

Best Computer Add-ons for Telecommuting

1. Ergonomic Office Chair

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day while working at your computer can leave you feeling miserable. When you experience discomfort, then you aren’t as productive. Invest in a chair that fits your body style appropriately. If you cannot find one, then consider using a standing desk instead.

2. High-Quality Computer Speakers

When music is on while working from home, then it can improve your focus without robbing you of energy. People who listen to tunes can complete tasks with superior speed and quality compared to those who do not. Use a Bluetooth speaker or one that connects directly to your equipment to enjoy this perk of telecommuting.

3. Desk Lamp With Sunlight Hues

If you are working from home all day, then you’re going to miss the sunshine outside. Losing exposure to the sun can result in lower mental health outcomes. You can avoid this issue by investing in a computer add-on that provides replicated hues of natural light at your desk. It can even reduce the stress levels you experience while working.

4. Ergonomic Keyboard 

When you find yourself typing 70 words-per-minute for eight hours each day at home, your wrist and fingers will start feeling the strain of that activity in less than a week. Investing in an ergonomic keyboard as a computer add-on can prevent issues with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when used correctly. Then make sure that your screen is appropriately positioned to reduce the problems with neck and back pain while sitting.

5. Wireless Router With Strong Signals

If you have a faulty Internet connection at home, then you don’t have a way to earn a paycheck. This essential computer add-on will enhance your productivity because it keeps you connected to what you need to do. The equipment you select must be compatible with your ISP’s specifications, which means you’ll need to check on the specs before you make a purchase.

Although most people will return to their office one day when COVID-19 becomes a historic footnote, some may be telecommuting as part of their new normal permanently. Having these computer add-ons available will make life easier during that transition.