5 Book Club Books That Are Perfect for a Group Discussion

The best book club books are the ones that create a spirited discussion with your family or friends. Even when you host a meeting online through Zoom or another app, the stories and narratives offered can inspire others to follow their dreams.

These are the book club books you’ll want to buy or check out from the library this year.

We Were the Lucky Ones

This WWI novel follows the true story of the Kurc family. They were separated during the conflict while striving to survive so that they could be reunited once again. It may be historical fiction by genre, but it certainly feels like the events happened according to the narrative.

Behold the Dreamers

Many families immigrate to the United States each year in a quest to find a better life. This book follows the story of a household that moved from Cameroon to New York City under a false asylum claim. It takes a more in-depth look at the American immigration system, discusses social burdens, and questions the foundation of happiness for us all.

Ask Again, Yes

This story follows the families of two police officers who find themselves as neighbors. Their children become best friends while growing up, but everyone finds a way to keep their distance from the wife of one officer because of her mental illness. After tragedy strikes, one family moves away – but the kids fall in love. It’s a wonderful story about forgiveness, love, and understanding.

The Starless Sea

This book club book is a favorite because it’s a love story set in the world of magic. A graduate student finds a new text full of intriguing tales, only to discover that he is the one in the narrative. You’ll find yourself swept up into the story, navigating all of the twists and turns until you reach a satisfying conclusion.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Instead of getting asked to perform manual labor like the other Jewish detainees, the primary character in this story must tattoo assigned numbers on his fellow prisoners. It is a true story that includes a personal interview with the main character to create authentic details you don’t find in other history tales. It is an intriguing perspective of love and survival that isn’t found in the current generation.

Which one of these book club books will you start reading first?