5 Best Takeout Foods During Quarantine

If you find yourself stuck in quarantine or being told to stay at home for some reason, then takeout food is a welcome break from the monotony. Supporting restaurants during this time creates jobs, helps the economy, and makes it so that you don’t need to cook.

Because takeout requires several waiting periods, you need to have foods that hold up, stay hot, or don’t get too warm if enjoyed cold. Here are some of the best options to consider ordering.

1. Chinese Food

The variety of options in this category makes it the best choice. You can pack the rice separately so that its starchiness remains. If the main component of the dish gets a little cold, then you can always toss it in the microwave without ruining the flavor profile. It gives you sweet, savory, and spicy at whatever levels you prefer. 

2. American Food

The standard Western diet is well-suited for takeout. Americans area particularly busy bunch, which means the restaurant is already geared toward quick service and takeout needs. Burgers, pizza, wings, and more give you plenty of options from which to choose. Several cold sandwiches work well in this category, especially if you need delivery options. 

3. Italian Food

Although this choice is a little trickier to manage, most kinds of pasta manage the takeout process well. If you want something like chicken parmesan, then you’ll need to time your pickup window perfectly to avoid having the food become mushy. Salads are another component of this cuisine that works well if you can dress it at home.

4. Mexican Food

Enchiladas, burritos, tacos with extra toppings, and quesadillas are perfect items to enjoy when you need takeout food during a quarantine. The spiciness and variety of flavors create opportunities for excitement and anticipation. You can also put almost anything into these items, making it an easy way to manage a craving.

5. Greek Food

This cuisine option provides a lot of portability. You’ll experience well-developed flavors with hot and cold tones as you chew. If you can indulge with a gyro filled a tzatziki sauce made from scratch, then you have heaven waiting for you with each bite.

It doesn’t take much to support local restaurants if businesses are shut down because of stay-at-home orders. Get your favorite menu item, take advantage of contactless delivery if needed, and then relax at home with a favorite meal.