5 Best Taco Toppings at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Tacos are one of the best foods you can eat at any time. The only problem with this essential culinary item is that most people aren’t eating the authentic version.

When you eat a fast-food taco, then you’re consuming an innovation meant for quick service instead of nutrition. Even the beef at some locations isn’t a 100% product – it may contain up to 70% fillers.

That’s why ordering tacos at an authentic Mexican restaurant is such a rewarding experience. You can see the quality differences immediately because only the best toppings are available when you’re hungry.

Step #1: Getting the Basics Right 

Even the smallest taco stands have several topping options for you to choose. That’s why working with the basic essentials must always be your starting point. That means adding some lime, cilantro, and onions are going to be your first effort.

Step #2: Going to the Next Level

Once you have the foundation of your taco built, then the next set of toppings will customize the flavor profile of the dish to your standards. You’re going to find radish slices, avocado, sautéed onions, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, and pico de gallo available at an authentic Mexican restaurant. You can add any, all, or none of these ingredients without judgment.

Step #3: Adding the Spice

Mexican food doesn’t need to be spicy, but it is so much better when it brings the heat! An authentic taco shouldn’t make your mouth feel like a volcano, although a bit of a burn does make the food go down better. You should have the option to add chili peppers and similar options so that you can enjoy the right level of spiciness without triggering instant heartburn.

Step #4: Cheese

A taco without cheese is like eating meatloaf without meat. When you visit an authentic Mexican restaurant, then you shouldn’t see ingredients like Monterey Jack or Cheddar on the menu. The best garnishes come from queso blanco or crumbled cotija. Additional options might include queso fresco, queso asadero, or panela.

Step #5: Vegetables

If you get tired of a handful of lettuce in a taco, then it’s time for an authentic one. Your only “vegetables” are the fresh cilantro leaves or the ingredients found in the homemade salsa that tops the meat. You can add more onions if you want. You won’t find diced tomatoes or even sour cream as part of the process.
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