4 Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bags

Cold weather may seem like a perfect excuse to avoid sleeping outside but trust me. You can get a suitable sleeping bag that will single you in and keep you warm through the weather. There are right 0 degrees sleeping bags that you can use in these types of weather. 

Getting a good one that will suit your usage is often underrated. This is why we will list some of the best 0 degrees sleeping bags in the market. 

Marmot Never Summer 0

This bag comes with water-repellant nylon to keep you warm even in adverse weather. It also has a 650 power down insulation that ensures warmth in cold weather. The bag will perfectly cover your body length and keep the moisture around your tenth away from your body. Comes with a zipper on one side for extra ventilation.

 Sea to Summit Ascent AcIII

The Sea to Summit gives you that variety of usage that enables you to use it as a weather sleeping bag. You can even zip it together with another bag, or you can open it wide and use it as a flat summer sleeping bag. There’s an option for you to unzip aside for extra ventilation or the foot cover when you’re sweating. It’s a good bag for adverse weather. 

Marmot Ouray

This is a 0-degree sleeping bag adapted to suit the ladies more than the gents because of the additional room in the hip area. It comes with extra insulation in the regions that experience heat loss than others. It has a good and collar that acts as a pillow to aid your sleep. 

Big Agnes Orno 0

This sleeping bag is produced to give you an option of sleeping warm without the burden of an added weight. It comes with an 850 power fill water repellant ability. The bag can be compressed to fit small spaces due to its stuff sack. It has a zipper on the left-hand side, and a collar adapted for keeping out the cold. It’s a classic outdoor bag for cold weather. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best zero degree sleeping bags. 0 degree sleeping bags are suitable to help keep your warm and cozy when in the outdoors during the cold weather. There are other bags for outdoor camping under the weather, but the ones on this list are good for most occasions.