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5 Book Club Books That Are Perfect for a Group Discussion

The best book club books are the ones that create a spirited discussion with your family or friends. Even when you host a meeting online through Zoom or another app, the stories and narratives offered can inspire others to follow their dreams.

These are the book club books you’ll want to buy or check out from the library this year.

We Were the Lucky Ones

This WWI novel follows the true story of the Kurc family. They were separated during the conflict while striving to survive so that they could be reunited once again. It may be historical fiction by genre, but it certainly feels like the events happened according to the narrative.

Behold the Dreamers

Many families immigrate to the United States each year in a quest to find a better life. This book follows the story of a household that moved from Cameroon to New York City under a false asylum claim. It takes a more in-depth look at the American immigration system, discusses social burdens, and questions the foundation of happiness for us all.

Ask Again, Yes

This story follows the families of two police officers who find themselves as neighbors. Their children become best friends while growing up, but everyone finds a way to keep their distance from the wife of one officer because of her mental illness. After tragedy strikes, one family moves away – but the kids fall in love. It’s a wonderful story about forgiveness, love, and understanding.

The Starless Sea

This book club book is a favorite because it’s a love story set in the world of magic. A graduate student finds a new text full of intriguing tales, only to discover that he is the one in the narrative. You’ll find yourself swept up into the story, navigating all of the twists and turns until you reach a satisfying conclusion.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Instead of getting asked to perform manual labor like the other Jewish detainees, the primary character in this story must tattoo assigned numbers on his fellow prisoners. It is a true story that includes a personal interview with the main character to create authentic details you don’t find in other history tales. It is an intriguing perspective of love and survival that isn’t found in the current generation.

Which one of these book club books will you start reading first?

6 Bento Box Ideas for a Filling and Healthy Lunch

Bento Box ideas are a fun way to have a filling and healthy lunch on the go. They let you skip your favorite takeout restaurant that only offers salty and high calories sweets, and you can take them to school, enjoy them at work, or use them for a quick meal at home.

It’s the perfect solution for everyone who wants something different than the lunchmeat sandwich and chips you get in the brown bag lunch.

Best Ideas for a Bento Box Meal

1. Burrito Bowls

This idea gives you a healthy dose of protein when you need it. Include some pulled pork, baked beans, and your favorite veggies. Instead of using a tortilla for your carbs, break apart a handful of tortilla chips to use.

2. Chicken Pesto Box

Use a spiralizer to make noodles out of zucchini for this fun Bento box idea. Add some slices of cucumber and radish to give it some zing. A little homemade pesto, cooked chicken, and some blueberries offer a well-rounded approach to eating.

3. Salami and Cheese

The classic Bento box for school lunches includes sliced salami, cheese cubes, and a favorite cracker. Add a few vegetables and some grapes to the mix for a surprisingly filling meal you can take almost anywhere.

4. The Paleo Breakfast

The Bento box is the perfect structure to bring breakfast-for-lunch to work or school. Instead of filling up on carbs, bring a hardboiled egg, your favorite berries, some pecans, and a little beef jerky to help you stay satisfied.

5. The Sammie Bento Box

A simple sandwich transforms your Bento box into a meal you’d get at any café. Pick your favorite lunchmeat, add a slice of cheese, and don’t forget some lettuce or a slice of tomato. Please remember to avoid the mayonnaise unless you can keep the food refrigerated.

6. Baked Tofu and Salad

A little barbecue sauce turns any tofu cube into a delightful treat. Include some raw veggies, a mayo-less potato salad, and a small dark chocolate snack to create a filling meal. 

Don’t forget to add your supplements to these fun Bento box ideas! Items from New Chapter, Nutri-Dyn, and Sunwarrior ensure that you receive a healthy nutrient balance every day!

Best Great Lake Beaches for a Summer Vacation

The Great Lakes straddle the border of the United States and Canada, providing a summer vacation destination for millions of people each year.

Five different lakes give you access to hundreds of miles of beaches to enjoy in both countries.

Although any beach with your loved ones is a perfect place to be, these destinations are the best options that the Great Lakes has to offer.

List of the Best Great Lake Beaches

1. Oval Beach – Saugatuck, MI

This beautiful beach gives you access to pristine waters, yellow sand, and plenty of sunshine. Lots of activities are here to enjoy, including kayaking, sport fishing, and paddleboat rides. You can explore the dunes at your leisure or head into town to enjoy some homemade treats. 

2. Ohio Street Beach – Chicago, IL

The skyscrapers of downtown Chicago stand tall in the background when you visit this gorgeous metropolitan beach. You might be in the heart of the city, but this destination is a quiet paradise. It sits adjacent to Milton Lee Olive Park, giving everyone lots of chances to wander and explore.

3. Sauble Beach – Sauble Beach, Ontario

Life is slow in this peaceful Canadian community. It is on the Bruce Peninsula, providing you with seven miles of warm, shallow water to enjoy. The color of the Great Lakes here is almost emerald, with soft sands under your feet offering the perfect experience. You’ll want to hang around to enjoy the sunset!

4. Presque Isle State Park – Erie, PA

The arching peninsula that makes up this protected area gives you a total of 13 beaches from which to choose. Each one is numbered – and all of the locals have a favorite that they prefer. The waves on the Great Lakes tend to be bigger than those at most of the other beaches, creating something that feels closer to the ocean.

5. Big Bay State Park – Madeline Island, WI

The Apostle Islands are one of the best attractions that Wisconsin offers. You can find sea caves, a beautiful backcountry, and quiet beaches awaiting your arrival. It takes a 20-minute ferry ride to access the state park, and then you are on your own to start exploring! Overnight camping is always a great experience here.

The best Great Lake beaches are the perfect destination for a summer vacation. Pack your bathing suit, grab some comfortable shoes, and don’t forget the sunscreen!