6 Areas of Life to Target to Jump Start Your Detox

If a stay-at-home order has you feeling tired and lethargic, then your body may be ready to go through a detox process.

Although we often associate detox with a physical cleansing, it must be a whole-existence approach used to create change. You need to address your mental, emotional, and spiritual lives while exploring your energy and surroundings.

Having products available from brands like Metagenics, Premier Research Labs, and Source Naturals can help you to jump start detox efforts for your body. Then you can follow these processes to target the other areas of your life.

1. Physical Detox

If you don’t eat healthy foods, then your body could be building up free radicals that cause cell oxidation. This issue can also develop when you don’t get enough exercise each day. Changing your routine in these areas can help you to feel better right away. 

2. Mental Detox

Eliminate the self-doubt in your life. Instead of being judgmental about your decisions or actions, learn to forgive yourself when making a mistake. Think of these moments as learning opportunities instead of failure. 

3. Emotional Detox

Take time to explore the undigested emotions that linger in your mind. Even if the process feels uncomfortable, it is essential to engage this area to jump start detox efforts. Shoving down your feelings will only create eruptions later in life.

4. Spiritual Detox

Stay away from negativity. Take time to pray, meditate, and contemplate without the advice of others ringing in your years. 

5. Energetic Detox

Create a routine that encourages time for relaxation and rest. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Then work on avoiding caffeine after lunch, sugary foods, and other choices that can rob your body of energy. 

6. Environmental Detox

Get out of the house every so often. Do something that falls outside of the usual routine. Even if you decide to take a drive somewhere, that action will take you to a different place than you are today.

You can also take bigger steps to jump start detox efforts in this area. Maybe you need to find a new job, a new home, or a new group of friends.

Detoxification efforts can provide a healthy outcome. If you haven’t taken time to care for yourself recently, then target these areas of your life to get that process started. 

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5 Best Taco Toppings at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Tacos are one of the best foods you can eat at any time. The only problem with this essential culinary item is that most people aren’t eating the authentic version.

When you eat a fast-food taco, then you’re consuming an innovation meant for quick service instead of nutrition. Even the beef at some locations isn’t a 100% product – it may contain up to 70% fillers.

That’s why ordering tacos at an authentic Mexican restaurant is such a rewarding experience. You can see the quality differences immediately because only the best toppings are available when you’re hungry.

Step #1: Getting the Basics Right 

Even the smallest taco stands have several topping options for you to choose. That’s why working with the basic essentials must always be your starting point. That means adding some lime, cilantro, and onions are going to be your first effort.

Step #2: Going to the Next Level

Once you have the foundation of your taco built, then the next set of toppings will customize the flavor profile of the dish to your standards. You’re going to find radish slices, avocado, sautéed onions, cucumbers, diced tomatoes, and pico de gallo available at an authentic Mexican restaurant. You can add any, all, or none of these ingredients without judgment.

Step #3: Adding the Spice

Mexican food doesn’t need to be spicy, but it is so much better when it brings the heat! An authentic taco shouldn’t make your mouth feel like a volcano, although a bit of a burn does make the food go down better. You should have the option to add chili peppers and similar options so that you can enjoy the right level of spiciness without triggering instant heartburn.

Step #4: Cheese

A taco without cheese is like eating meatloaf without meat. When you visit an authentic Mexican restaurant, then you shouldn’t see ingredients like Monterey Jack or Cheddar on the menu. The best garnishes come from queso blanco or crumbled cotija. Additional options might include queso fresco, queso asadero, or panela.

Step #5: Vegetables

If you get tired of a handful of lettuce in a taco, then it’s time for an authentic one. Your only “vegetables” are the fresh cilantro leaves or the ingredients found in the homemade salsa that tops the meat. You can add more onions if you want. You won’t find diced tomatoes or even sour cream as part of the process.
Not a fan of Mexican food? Then head over to one of the best burger joints.

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5 Road Trip Clothing Options for Hitting the Pavement

Taking a road trip with family members or friends can be a memorable experience. You grab some snacks, energy drinks, and your favorite supplements while singing along to power ballads on the radio.

Sometimes the journey you take to reach a destination is the most memorable part of a road trip.

Have you ever thought about the clothing you wear while traveling? If you don’t wear the right items during your road trip, pick the right colors, the best fabric, then the journey can become quite uncomfortable!

These are the essential road trip clothing options you’ll need if you plan to hit the road this spring.

Best Clothes to Take on a Road Trip

1. Sneakers

Having a comfortable pair of shoes is essential for your road trip. Spring can provide some cold days, especially if you travel during the early morning hours. This necessary option can keep your toes warm while protecting your feet for those moments when you stretch your legs at a rest area.

2. Wrinkle-Resistant Shirts

When you spend all day in a car, then your clothing gets wrinkled and ragged. When you wear a wrinkle-resistant shirt, then you won’t need to show off how you feel through fashion. Keep things casual by using polyester or wool. Drawstring pants, a sundress, or leggings are all comfortable choices to consider.

3. A Front-Zip Sweater

Dressing in layers is essential for your road trip clothing in the spring. As the day warms up during your travels, you can shed the extra items to remain comfortable. Having a sweater or hoodie that zips in the front will make the clothing easier to take off without needing to pull over.

4. Dark Clothing

Spills are going to happen during a road trip. You might need to hit the brakes hard to avoid a collision, fumble a snack, or have a beverage come out of its holder on a sharp curve. If you wear dark clothing while traveling, then the stains are less likely to show when you step out of the car. 

5. Cargo Pants

Having extra pockets is an essential feature for the modern road trip. You can carry almost everything in cargo pants so that your hands stay free. It also helps to keep your wallet out of your back pocket when driving a long distance. The materials are less prone to wrinkling, and it tends to be breathable when compared to denim jeans.

Dressing for success on a road trip during the spring also depends on your destination. Always pack warm and cold weather clothes to ensure that you’ve got all of your essentials covered!

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5 Computer Add-ons for Optimal Productivity When WFH

If you find yourself working from home unexpectedly because of COVID-19, then you’re going to need some home office upgrades to stay productive.

These computer add-ons will pay for themselves in no time at all.

Best Computer Add-ons for Telecommuting

1. Ergonomic Office Chair

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day while working at your computer can leave you feeling miserable. When you experience discomfort, then you aren’t as productive. Invest in a chair that fits your body style appropriately. If you cannot find one, then consider using a standing desk instead.

2. High-Quality Computer Speakers

When music is on while working from home, then it can improve your focus without robbing you of energy. People who listen to tunes can complete tasks with superior speed and quality compared to those who do not. Use a Bluetooth speaker or one that connects directly to your equipment to enjoy this perk of telecommuting.

3. Desk Lamp With Sunlight Hues

If you are working from home all day, then you’re going to miss the sunshine outside. Losing exposure to the sun can result in lower mental health outcomes. You can avoid this issue by investing in a computer add-on that provides replicated hues of natural light at your desk. It can even reduce the stress levels you experience while working.

4. Ergonomic Keyboard 

When you find yourself typing 70 words-per-minute for eight hours each day at home, your wrist and fingers will start feeling the strain of that activity in less than a week. Investing in an ergonomic keyboard as a computer add-on can prevent issues with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when used correctly. Then make sure that your screen is appropriately positioned to reduce the problems with neck and back pain while sitting.

5. Wireless Router With Strong Signals

If you have a faulty Internet connection at home, then you don’t have a way to earn a paycheck. This essential computer add-on will enhance your productivity because it keeps you connected to what you need to do. The equipment you select must be compatible with your ISP’s specifications, which means you’ll need to check on the specs before you make a purchase.

Although most people will return to their office one day when COVID-19 becomes a historic footnote, some may be telecommuting as part of their new normal permanently. Having these computer add-ons available will make life easier during that transition.

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The 3 Lucky Colors You Should Know in 2020

The precepts of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology offer a set of lucky colors for each year. These tones coincide with whatever year is on the Zodiac calendar to promote a specific set of circumstances that encourage good luck.

Since 2020 is the Year of the Rate, the lucky colors to strengthen your opportunities for the year are white, blue, and gold.

Each color has a specific association to it worth taking into consideration as you work to carve out a better life every day.

Use These Colors at Home in 2020

Although white, blue, and gold are the primary colors to use for good luck during the Year of the Rat, several complimentary colors can strengthen your footing in this area. 

Using red, yellow, and green can help you to fill the energy gaps that exist between the primary colors for the year. You can also use the specific tones that are part of your particular Zodiac sign to encourage more opportunities to come your way.

What Does White Represent?

Depending on its context, white can represent purity, innocence, or passing on to the next life. It’s the most common hue for consumer goods in the country because it creates opportunities for renewal. 

What Does Blue Represent?

Blue is the representation of water. It is an intrinsic element of the Rat because it is a symbol of human relationships. The reflection that the surface provides can lead to more significant insights, intuition, influence, and the exposure of secrets. 

What Does Gold Represent?

Gold represents riches and wealth. You would use this hue to promote good luck and prosperity in your life throughout the year. Consider adding it to your kitchen décor as a way to include everyone in the family.

Why Colors Are Important Each Year

China uses a powerful scale of color symbolism that isn’t found in the Western world. The Five Elements Theory plays an integral role in the customs and beliefs of the country.

When you coordinate the specific colors for the year with the other options that are available as complementary features, then you can surround yourself with good luck.

Another way to promote better luck in life is to take care of your essential needs. When you take care of your health using items from brands like Allergy Research Group, Metagenics, and Standard Process, then your lucky color for 2020 can have more power.

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5 Best Little Women Film and TV Adaptations

Some stories are so good that you can watch them numerous times without feeling bored. Hollywood has noticed this trend. One of the most popular tales to tell is Little Women from Louisa May Alcott.

This story is a coming-of-age classic that follows four sisters growing up during the Civil War years in the United States. You get to see their struggles with societal pressure, poverty, and love.

Even though it is over 150 years old, some of the best Little Women film and TV adaptations make it feel like a new story.

List of the Best Adaptations of Little Women

1. Little Women (2019)

The latest adaptation is the best. It uses an unconventional storytelling structure that stays accurate to the original tale. The characters are modernized in this movie, with Amy March moving from being vain to an emotionally intelligent woman.

2. Little Women (1994)

Gillian Armstrong created this version that still holds up because of its combination of nostalgia and progressiveness. Some feminist and abolitionist undertones push their way to the forefront of the movie, removing the subtlety that Alcott used to infuse them in the original story. It’s also the most accurate retelling to view.

3. Little Women (1933)

This film from George Cukor came during the Great Depression. You can see some of that anxiety written into the script. You can seem more aspects of conservation and social reform in this black-and-white classic, and Katherine Hepburn is the perfect Jo March.

4. Little Women (2018)

This adaptation came from Pure Flix Entertainment, which is responsible for Christian-themed movies like God’s Not Dead. That means you’ll see more religious overtones in this version, and there are higher levels of sentimentality present. The transition to modern-day dilemmas is handled well in this script, although it doesn’t always stick to the original.

5. Little Women (1949)

Although the acting is stiff and stilted in this adaptation, the budget for the movie at the time was incredible. The sets are quite lavish for the era, and it was even filmed in Technicolor. It’s almost a shot-for-shot remake of the 1933 version, although there are a few deviations from it and the original story.

Little Women has also seen its fair share of miniseries adaptations, including a fantastic three-part series that aired on BBC in 2017. It has also been part of two anime series in Japan, made into an audio drama, and even an opera. 
Check out our list of the best to worst Star Wars movie and see if you agree with that list.

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Is It Time to Go to Bed? 5 Obvious Reasons You Should!

Your circadian rhythm is the internal clock that lets you know when it is time to sleep, and when you should wake up. It’s a process that your brain controls as it responds to darkness and light. Your internal body temperature, hormone production, and several bodily functions all connect to this process.

Even though the circadian rhythm should help you know when it is time to go to bed, many people have trouble falling or staying asleep. The combination of electric lights, smart devices, and other electronics can throw this natural process out of balance with the rest of the world.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

1. You Are Falling Asleep During the Day

If you can close your eyes for a moment and it causes you to fall asleep, then your body is deprived of the rest it needs. Sleep latency of five minutes or less is usually an indication that the time or quality of your time in dreamland isn’t where it should be. Everyone has different needs, but you should try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

2. You Zone Out or Daydream Often

If you lose your train of thought often or your brain struggles to focus on a specific topic, then it might be due to a lack of sleep. Your mind doesn’t turn off entirely at night, but it does need the downtime to file away the information you stored in it.

3. You Crave Carbs

If you want lots of sugar or starchy foods, then your body wants a quick energy fix because it is feeling tired. Instead of opting for a late-night snack, try heading to bed when those cravings hit. It could help you to fall asleep faster.

4. You Wake Back Up

A lot of people feel more energetic after 9 P.M. because their body recognizes the need to stay up later. It’s a process that’s helpful sometimes, but it isn’t something you want to do every night. Try to make a note for when this process happens so that you can adjust your bedtime.

5. You Feel Cold

Your body temperature starts declining when it is time to go to sleep. If your urge is to bundle under a blanket, then it might be better to go to bed. 

Instead of relying on supplements or medications to get the sleep you need, it might be helpful to take a “back to basics” approach. If you experience these issues during the day, then it is an obvious reason that it’s time to go to bed.

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10 Fun Facts About the Atlantic Ocean

Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean covers about 20% of the Earth’s surface? That makes it the second-largest ocean, coming just behind the Pacific. It covers an area of over 41 million square miles.

The first historical mention of the Atlantic Ocean happens in 450 B.C., in the book The Histories of Herodotus where it’s called the “Sea of Atlas.” This is one great example of a prolific work crafted by the hand of a talented writer.

Despite its age, many scientists believe that the Atlantic Ocean is also the youngest of them all. It contains the most fertile waters for marine life and plenty of oil and natural gas deposits.

Here are some more fun facts about the Atlantic Ocean.

Interesting Facts About the Atlantic Ocean

  1. Scientists believe that the Atlantic Ocean began forming during the Jurassic Period.
  2. The second-largest barrier reef in the world is found in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the Cancun Reef that’s off of the coast of Mexico.
  3. An underwater mountain range in the North Atlantic is called the Atlantic Ridge. It’s twice as wide as the Andes Mountains, and this landmark runs south for about 10,000 miles from where it starts in Iceland.
  4. If you were to visit the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of southern Africa, you would find diamonds just sitting there to be picked up.
  5. Many of the marine life species that call the Atlantic Ocean their home are considered endangered. The list of animals is massive, including whales, sea lions, seals, turtles, and manatees. Pollution and over-fishing are the two primary contributors to this status.
  6. Greenland is considered the largest island in the world. Its location is in the Atlantic Ocean.
  7.  The first ship that carried paying passengers across the Atlantic Ocean set sail in the 1850s aboard the Cunard Line. Although people had been crossing to the New World for almost 300 years at that time, this venture was the first passenger-only business opportunity.
  8. The Atlantic Ocean was the first ocean to be crossed by a ship and an airplane. Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across it in 1928. 
  9. Coelacanths were thought to be extinct for about 60 million years until a live one was caught in the Atlantic Ocean in 1938. 
  10. Many stories of tragedy have come from the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from the sinking of the Titanic to the ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
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The 6 Most Prolific Writers of All Time

The most prolific writers of all time are the people you never get to know. They are the individuals who create the text on product boxes, junk mail, and other marketing materials.

Some of these writers put out 20,000 words per day. That’s the equivalent of writing 52 novels per year.

When we look at prolific novelists, then a few names tend to stand out above the rest.

List of the Most Prolific Writers

1. Charles Hamilton

Historians believe that this author wrote over 100 million words during his lifetime. He started to create stories as a young child and never stopped. Since he used over 20 different pen names, there’s an excellent chance you’ve read some of his work.

2. Barbara Cartland

This author wrote over 720 novels, with most of them involving Victorian-era romance. She had 23 books written in a single year, a figure that is still a world record.

3. Isaac Asimov

With over 500 novels published, Asimov is the most prolific hard science fiction writer of all time. His Foundation series and classics like I, Robot are staples for anyone who wants to get to know this genre. He also wrote several short stories, screenplays, and history books.

4. Stephen King

King’s first novel reached store shelves in 1973, and it was an instant hit. Everyone knows about Carrie even if they haven’t read the book. He’s created over 200 short stories and over 60 full-length novels since then.

5. R.L. Stine

This author has sold over 400 million books, with most of them involving the Fear Street or Goosebumps series. When these young adult novels were at their most popular, he was crafting a new installment every two weeks.

6. Maria del Socorro Tellado Lopez

Writing under the name of Corin Tellado, she published over 4,000 items over her lifetime. All of her books were in the romance genre, selling over 400 million books without any explicit content in them. 

How Can You Become a Prolific Writer?

Writing is a surprisingly tricky job to manage. You must sit for long hours, type quickly, and spend energy on creative pursuits.

That’s why it is essential to take care of yourself every day if you love writing. Writing is especially good for wasting time at work. Why not churn out a short story or work on a novel between tasks? Products from Nutramedix, Kirkman, and Host Defense can support your wellbeing so that you can craft a narrative you love.

Even if that work only gets published on boxes found in grocery stores. 

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The 5 Best Burger Chains in the United States

When you smell a burger cooking, the stomach growls almost immediately. Perhaps you see yourself eating a cheeseburger with all of the fixings. It sounds like the perfect dinner plan, doesn’t it?

If you don’t want to make a burger yourself, then the next best option is to trust one of the nationwide burger chains in the U.S. to make one for you. National brands generate a reputation for success in every industry because of the quality and consistency of the products offered.

That’s why if you want access to products that help with your health and wellness, you’d trust names like Davinci Labs, Hempfusion, or Vinco.

If you want a tasty burger, then these are the destinations to consider.

List of the Best Burgers in America

Most communities have a burger chain that you can visit within a few miles. If you want something delicious for lunch or dinner, then these are the places to stop.

1. Shake Shack

This chain almost always gets the top spot each year because it takes the classical approach to make a burger. You get the crinkle fries, all of the fixings, and lots of options to customize. The ShackSauce on top of all of that is the perfect addition.

2. In-n-Out

This Western U.S. favorite produces fast and inexpensive burgers for you to enjoy. Their double-double gives you two patties, two slices of cheese, and your favorite toppings on a freshly-baked bun.

3. Red Robin

If a fast-food burger isn’t your style, then this sit-down restaurant offers some great choices to consider. You’ll wait a little longer and pay more, but you’ll also get a more extensive menu from which to choose. Anything with guacamole on it is going to be a winner. Gluten-free buns are also available at some locations.

4. Culver’s

This Midwestern U.S. chain gives you the “butter burger.” The meat is always fresh, raised locally, and pressed and seared to create a consistent product. Don’t forget to order a turtle sundae for dessert!

5. Five Guys

This burger chain started as a family-owned business in the D.C. area in the 1980s. Now it is the place where you can add your favorite toppings to your heart’s content all across the country. If you’re not sure about what you want, then go with the option to have everything added. Then enjoy the massive portion of fries that you’ll receive.

You could visit a McDonald’s or a Burger King almost anywhere. If you’ve got one of these burger chains nearby, then you’ve got a little taste of heaven to enjoy for dinner tonight. Don’t forget to finish off your meal with one of the six most delicious ice cream flavors!

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